Happy 30th, Carol Ann!

About 12 years ago from right now, Carol and I met during the first month of our freshman year at the University of Minnesota. And we’ve been driving each other nuts ever since! Today my beautiful friend turns thirty, one of the first from an amazing group of women I will celebrate this year.

Carol, you are a fantastic example of what healthy living looks like. Thank you for all of your support and love. Enjoy your much needed vacation (can’t wait for ours one day… Espana!)

I love you.

Remember our summer happiness?

Ok, now it’s time to talk pizza. Blind Onion Pizza: A local chain that slings a bagel crust. Again, a bagel. crust. They serve it with a packet of honey, so you can sauce up the crust at the end. Why has it taken me over four years to try this? I’m ashamed.

Megan’s mama is in town, so she treated tonight. THANK YOU, MRS. KENYON-CLER!!

The veggie and the BBQ chicken:

Maybe not the smartest Monday night food, but a worthy sacrifice for home-style company and life changing pizza.

**Oh, and one more celebration for another blog reader… CONGRATS TO STACEY AND DAVID LEECH! I’m sure your ten-ten-ten wedding was a wild hit for you and all of your people. Love to you both!

(Workout today: 45 minutes elliptical, 100 crunches, Mt. Tabor walk)


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