Shaking off the funk: Back to blogging

Hi there! Happy Halloween from Eastern Oregon!

Thanks for returning to my ramblings; I missed you 🙂

It turns out that quitting Weight Watchers (what a complicated Points system they have now!) while simultaneously quitting my blog didn’t have the best impact on my healthy lifestyle. Fortunately I’ve managed to maintain almost all of my weight loss since I last posted, but there is no doubt the number on the scale is creeping higher (slowly but surely). Time to intervene, to ask for help, to admit that I am completely incapable of managing this on my own. Accountability, for me, has always been a crucial part of my success. And without roommates keeping me in check anymore, this blog is more important now than ever.

So here is the laundry list of what I want to focus on:

Food Photography — I’m going to get my camera fixed and make a light box for food photos in my apartment. (This makes me very, very excited!)

Recipes — At least two new healthy recipes a week. Please send me ideas, especially holiday-friendly ones!

Weigh-ins — Wednesdays! That’s when I used to do it at WW, and that’s what I know best. Now I weigh at home on my bathroom scale, so it should make this committment even more realistic to keep up with.

Music — Let’s share what we’re listening to at the gym!

Exercise — Keep doing what I’m doing. The gym is where I feel most beautiful, most grateful, most relaxed, most in control, and most importantly, healthiest. My friends there are wonderful and inspiring, and I want to emulate their dedication to fitness and physical and mental strength.

Gratitude — I’ve really lost track of what I’m grateful for lately… Gratitude moments equal happiness. Time to get a grip.

Today’s Gratitude Moment: Getting the text that Ty is in labor… bring on Baby John!!! Good luck, friend. I love you so much. (Seriously can not believe we will have a new person in our lives any minute!)

As for today’s food story, it’s not a great one. I’m on the road, so it’s Starbucks (breakfast), Subway (lunch), and Lean Cuisine (dinner).

Off to the hotel gym now; I’ve got some Felice Brothers to listen to (check out their song “Penn Station” if you need a spring in your step.)

Oh yeah, and Happy Halloween from this crazy tornado!