belated birthday brunch

I missed Patch’s 30th birthday (karaoke-style!) a couple weeks ago, so I made it up to him this morning and threw a roomie brunch in his honor. Have you eaten a meal with the all the people in your home lately? This Borthwick House was long overdue for a dish session.

Menu: Fruit salad, banana bread, cast-iron bacon fritatta, mimosas

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Indigo Rose

Nothing but tomatoes on the brain these days! Thought it was time to spruce the ol’ blog up with one of my favorite foods. Long live tomato season!!

My housewarming gift to E way back in June was a wee little Indigo Rose tomato start. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a hybrid plant that originated at Oregon State University and is the color of eggplant and full of antioxidants. Even though we were late potting it, the combo of his green thumb and our lingering warm summer days means we’ve actually been able to pick and eat a few! Fingers crossed we’ll have more of this beautiful bounty in our upcoming harvest meals.

Last night we chopped them into couscous and added other garden herbs, balsamic, onion, garlic, chopped broccoli and olives.

Weigh-in Wednesday

Lost that pesky pound from last week. I have big plans for next week though! Lots of gym classes planned and a few harvest dinners as well over the next five days…

Speaking of, Nicole decided to try her first Bodypump class tonight; I biked downtown to meet her, joined her in class and then barely hauled my booty up the giant hill home. Ouch. I’d like to think back-to-back BP classes every week is a good idea, but I fear this thirty-one year old body may not appreciate. If it means quality time with my ladies though, I may have no choice. 🙂

You can find me in my living room right now slamming piles of heirloom tomatoes with basil and avocado. Will someone please bring ice cream? Thanks.

a new tuesday night tradition

Of course life will most likely shut this plan down, but Anna and I have a deal to start a new trend: Tuesday night Bodypump class followed by a healthy dinner. No better way to keep a girl honest than to workout and cook with a gal pal. It’s even better when said gal has a dSLR and will shoot the food for you. Thanks for photographing and hosting, Anna!

We had BLAT’s: Heirloom tomatoes, avocado and bacon topped with basil mayo and wrapped in red leaf lettuce. A good meal option for Paleo and low-carb dieters.

wildflower pickin’ + fly fishin’

We went back to Laurance Lake this weekend for some lake-side camping. I made a roast chicken (similar to this one) and coconut kale (get Joy the Baker’s recipe HERE) for dinner on Friday night so we’d have leftovers for our outdoor weekend meals. E threw in leftover meatloaf to further bulk up our supply. Add in 1/2 dozen eggs, random produce and string cheese and we had enough food scrounged up for both of us to eat five meals… gourmet camping eats on a budget!

We occupied our time by picking wildflowers, making picnic table bouquets, roasting marshmallows and, of course, fishing. I CAUGHT MY FIRST FISH FLY FISHING!! A trout caught on an elk-hair dry fly. Pretty snazzy, eh?

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Weigh-in Wednesday

It is with great relief to report I was only up one pound this week. Considering my recent lack of exercise and major consumption of blueberry cobbler and wedding cake, I’ll count that as a victory!

Yesterday was all business as I refocused, drank copious amounts of water, counted calories, worked, worked out and went to bed early. E is definitely supporting this healthy movement and jumping on board with me! He surprised me with lobster mushrooms and other farmers’ market treats along with fresh-herb crusted tuna last night. As usual, I chopped and he cooked. This Indian summer is the perfect setting for lazy backyard dinners and sunset digestion walks. Trying to soak it all in……..

Jamie and Nathan’s Wedding, Flathead Lake, MT

Hey all! Thanks for your patience; I darted off for a long weekend to participate in a major Peterson event – Little sis Jamie’s marriage to Nathan in Montana! Flathead Lake was the most beautiful place to end my breathtaking summer. Thanks to all for transporting me, feeding me and lodging me. What an unforgettable experience! I couldn’t be more grateful. 🙂

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Weigh-in Wednesday

Down one pound!

The only formula for my life I’ve determined works without fail:

Daily routine + good sleep = Happy Healthy Kelly

Do you have a lifestyle formula?

Ok, gotta go to Montana real quick. Last of my crazy summer travels! Cheers to Jamie and Nathan!

super fab day!

All good things today!

First day back in the classroom, stayed under calories and tracked my food, burned some energy at the gym on the stair machine and Bodypump class and can definitely feel strength and stamina coming back into this sluggish, summer body of mine.

I hope you had productive and healthy days as well! Love!


This was a most fabulous weekend to live in Portland. Our annual music fest just rolled through town and clogged up every club and concert venue we have. With some fancy footwork, I got into a couple free daytime radio promo shows (Trampled by Turtles! Milo Greene!) and scored a $10 all access wristband (normally $75!) which I used at Mississippi Studios last night for a spectacular lineup. If Tyler Lyle, Hey Marseilles or Milo Greene ever show up on your doorstep, I highly recommend forking over the twelve bucks it will probably require to get your groove on.

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Here’s a list of booty shakin’ tunes by the bands I either saw or wish I’d seen; goodies for workin’ out, y’all!

1. Cutty Love, Milo Greene (totally obsessed with this one)
2. New Orleans, Trampled by Turtles
3. Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second, Starf’er
4. Cannonballs, Hey Marseilles
5. California, Tyler Lyle
6. The Blizzard’s Never Seen the Dessert Sands, Tallest Man on Earth
7. Into the Wild, LP
8. The Honest Truth, Typhoon
9. To Travels and Trunks, Hey Marseilles
10. La La Blues, Pokey Lafarge
11. The Great Despiser, Joe Pug
12. The Golden Age and the Silver Girl, Tyler Lyle
13. Sleepyhead, Passion Pit
14. Don’t You Give Up on Me, Milo Greene
15. Alone, Trampled by Turtles (sooooooper beautiful)

Get busy Spotify’ing!