Wishing Tree Wednesday

The good really outweighed the bad today… I knew weigh-in would be dicey (gained one), so I decided to walk the 2.6 miles to and fro the WW meeting. Feeling quite high on fresh air and agility by the time I got there, the scale literally could have said anything. Doesn’t matter, I said to my meeting leader, I feel like million bucks today!

My best gym friend Stacey met me for part of the walk home, so we stopped at the Wishing Tree and played along…



Once I got home I made THE best salad with pan fried chickpeas and parsley on a bed on arugula (lightly tossed with balsamic), all topped with an eggy egg. The yolk makes the dressing and adds the protein!



one perfectly long weekend

Happy Memorial Day, y’all! Are we feeling the summer vibe or what?!

As promised, Eli and I hiked up Saddle Mountain yesterday to burn off our indulgences from Saturday night. Would you believe that I’m back to my normal self? No pain, no soreness, happy ankles… it’s like I’ve won the lottery, but better. What’s changed, you ask? Losing some weight, taking glucosomene, maybe acupuncture, more Bodypump classes… perhaps any combination of these things. Whatever the magic potion is, I hope to keep it up. There’s nothing better than scrambling (literally, this trail is TRICKY) to the top of something that seemed so impossible just a month before. I didn’t get much for pics, but here’s one, looking east:


And Portlanders: if you need some hippy dippy yogi nourishment, check out Harlow. I met Missy here for lunch today and devoured a kale/tempeh/bean/romesco/avo dish that I’ll probably be dreaming about until I go back for more next week.

And finally, per Missy’s request, here’s a pic of the dinner I made tonight: Shitaki cauli rice with Vietnamese carmelized shrimp. SALTY – SPICY – SWEET – GAHHH!


Of course served with a green salad. Get the recipe for the shrimp HERE.

Weigh-in Wednesday

You guys are so supportive. Thanks for all the sweet messages!

Weigh-in was the cherry on top yesterday.. down 2.2 lbs! That’s eight total since rejoining WW in April; my ankle rejoices. ๐Ÿ™‚


I really feel like I’ve come a long way this year.

Most of you probably don’t know this, but a few years ago I visited a plastic surgeon to see how much “fixing my body” would cost. According to this fancy miracle-working doctor (who told me my body certainly wasn’t “youthful” looking), it would cost around twenty-five thousand dollars. Once that idea was off the table, I really had to look inward and figure out how I’d come to terms with this excess skin and sagginess that was literally haunting me. And besides, would $25k really change me for the better?

Turns out normal people like us need to find more sustainable and affordable ways of altering our lives. For me, learning to accept my outer shell has been such a mandatory work in progress. But now for the first time in my whole life, I’m starting to not hate my naked reflection. Instead of seeing too much of everything, I’m now seeing hard work. Toned legs, slight muscle definition in my arms, even (gasp!) a noticeable collar bone!

A friend recently posted on Facebook a quote by a writer I admire, Anne Lamott. Her themes on acceptance, addiction, love and faith sit so deeply with me.


Today I loved my body byย taking it on a bike ride to work and back. And this weekend Eli and I will try to hike up a mountain as we honor my miracle ankle (currently pain-free!)… the walk will leave me breathless, and I’ll curse my extra baggage (even though he’ll be the one carrying all of our stuff, including my water)… and after we’ll have pizza and beer, truly enjoying every bite and sip of our reward. With acceptance comes balance.

Now it’s time for Weigh-in Wednesday. As always, I’m super nervous. I don’t know why. Nothing will be different afterward, but I need that number on the scale to keep my health in check. So that’s that.

Acquired Tastes Dinner Club

Dinner Club’s theme this month was “Acquired Tastes,” featuring foods we’ve grown to love over time. While I’ve never been a picky eater, I had a strong distaste for cantaloupe as a kid. Now I destroy at least one full melon a week. Since I had to make a side dish, I went with a savory melon salad for my contribution. To my surprise, it actually wasn’t a big hit at the dinner… but I loved it. And if you like fruity and salty salads, you hopefully will too. Take a melon baller to a cantaloupe and add chopped red onion, cucumber and basil. Toss these goodies with feta cheese and drizzle with maple/lemon/olive oil dressing. How pretty is this?


Other acquired tastes included: hoppy beer, shrimp (ceviche), olives (baked with chicken), kale and beet salad, tuna noodle casserole (a childhood favorite of mine)… this version tasted just like my mama’s), and carrot cake. We were surprised no one made a dish with tomatoes, onions or mushrooms… such a fun idea though!

Coco’s Strawberry Crush


As I baked in the sun yesterday afternoon finishing my book, wondering how I got so lucky, I asked Eli (in jest) to mix me up something tropical to sip. Five minutes later he presenting me with this 2 Point treat: one ounce coconut vodka, muddled local strawberries and sparkling water served on ice.

The best. ๐Ÿ™‚

Checking in

Oy, I sure blasted through my Points last night! In the end, I counted over seventy Pts consumed, totally zapping my entire weekly reserve. Right now I’m beating myself up for not showing more restraint, but I’m somewhat impressed that I managed to track everything. To set myself straight this morning, I pedaled over ten miles and hauled my new ride to the top of Mt. Tabor.


I almost barfed when I got there… Probably because I had too much of this last night:


When your dinner guests bring you St. Germain …. You enjoy every sweet, flowery sip! Merci, Simone!

Weigh-in Wednesday

Breezy came to visit, providing great motivation to stay on track this week. She’s lost 30+ pounds so far this year, so we basked in our healthy glory. Occassionally asking ourselves “is it worth it?” when temptations struck, we ended up eating light and making really smart food choices. I gave her a cooking demo (cauliflower rice) and drug her to Bodypump (she loved/hated it), and she kept me honest and forced me to do our Ab Challenge each night. We did eat out a few times but made sure to not completely overdo it. And yes, the sushi and mini French desserts were totally over-the-top worth it!

And now I’m so sad she’s gone, I can barely stand it. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Her inspiration worked! I had my biggest weight loss since starting Weight Watchers — down 2.5 more pounds!

Isn’t she so pretty? Couldn’t be prouder.


And also, if you know our fabulous Mama, don’t forget to wish her happy birthday today. We love you, Filsy Wilsy!