Grateful for my movers

Sorry I haven’t had time to plug in and blog this weekend; it’s been quite a situation. I began yesterday with a couple hours at the gym, including a Chrisanthi S.E.T. (lift/step) class. And then Mandy and I went back after moving this afternoon for a similar class and elliptical cardio. Combine that with moving my worthless possessions across town, and I’m pretty happy with my activity level. Lucy, on the other, has gone neglected. Fortunately she has Peninsula Park in her near [permanent] future (!!).

I took part of my moving team to Javiers for a thank-you lunch. Javiers happens to be the taco shop around the corner from my new place… WOOOHHOOOOO! And it’s open 24 hours. I was actually quoted saying, “Mandy, think of all the new memories we’re going to make here!” Ha!

Thank you a million times to Sara, Mando and Shane. And to everyone else I’ll be roping in to this process over the next week (Amanda, Gabe, Trevor, Anna, Robyn!, and Heather)… You all remind me of what I am so grateful for. Heart you!


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