Weigh-in Wednesday

Stayed the same! Both a disappointment and a victory. A good reminder that intense exercise only goes so far when one eats chicken wings and french fries after she’s already eaten dinner. Back off, food addiction, I’m busy trying to fit into a cute black holiday dress.

We have Fake Thanksgiving on Saturday which is typically a caloric free-for-all. But Eli is making THIS and I can not wait!


pumpkin tangle

I love that name: pumpkin tangle. In fact, the full name of the recipe we tried on Saturday is actually Pumpkin-Almond Butter Red Curry Noodle Tangle. Last week I began following Aida Mollenkamp’s blog, “Pairs Well with Food,” and this was the first dish of hers I tried. It took about thirty minutes to throw together, and we absolutely loved it and had enough left over for a light lunch on Sunday afternoon.

It’s super easy to mix it up for paleos, vegans or vegetarians; or add seafood if you’re into that. Next time we’re going to do this with shrimp. Find the recipe and profesh photos here: Pumpkin Tangle. See, doesn’t that look amazing and easy?

As for weekend activity, I worked in a couple serious spin classes (Corianne joined me for one!), and Eli and I walked 4 miles or so on a grocery mission where he carried three whole chickens home in a backpack… uphill. He is such a good sport when it comes to burning calories with me. It was necessary though, because Barber Brian and his wife took us out for a delicious dinner at Tabor Tavern as a thank you for all of Eli’s renovation work on his barbershop.

Barber and client on Saturday:


If you need a gift for your man, consider getting him a cut and shave from Heritage Barbershop. Brian is the best.