Friday playlist

What are you all listening to when you exercise these days? I definitely enjoy better cardio workouts when I’m really loving my jams. My current playlist makes me excited to go workout, and that’s saying something!

1. Crazy Bird by Wild Child
2. Wavin’ Flag by K’Naan
3. Come With me Now by Kongos
4. Carousel by Miner
5. Meet me Halfway by Black Eyed Peas
6. Work it by Missy Elliott
7. Riptide by Vance Joy
8. Brave Man’s Death by J Roddy Watson and the Business
9. Timber by Pitbull and Ke$ha

You’ll sweat to this, I promise! Please give me suggestions, this will only last me another week or so. 🙂

As for my committment to not snack yesterday and only eat three solid meals… well… I did OK. I had zero snacks between breakfast and lunch. Things got a little dicey in the afternoon, though, and I ended up getting an apple and kombucha to hold me until dinner. And… in the spirit of honesty… I split a small piece of chocolate hazelnut cake with my dinner date. What good is life if you can’t eat cake once in awhile? 🙂


8 out of 10 days!

That would be my gym record for the past week and a half. I know, I can’t believe it either!

Let’s not get too excited though, the scale certainly isn’t reflecting this surge in self-determination. On the other hand, my stamina, cardio strength and joint health all seem to be thriving, so I’ll call that a victory. And I really feel like my limp is getting less obvious, and I’ve been able to go on some decent walks… and I haven’t had to use my handicap parking permit yet … MAJOR VICTORY!!

My biggest battle is snacking. I get hungry, and then I eat. No matter what, regardless of time or how recent my last meal was. Tomorrow my goal is to eat three healthy meals, and then be done with it. No bites in between, no dipping carrots in wasabi mayo while I stare blankly out the window, no desserts, no McDonalds ice cream cones after work, no spoonfuls of peanut butter after lunch. None. Of. That. Why would I do such things when I’ve been working so hard at the gym? One day at a time, right? I know I can face tomorrow and make it happen.

What are YOUR goals for tomorrow? I send postitive vibes your way!

So enough about me…

Today is my sister’s 29th birthday, and it brings me to tears to reflect on how unbelievably wonderful this kid is. You’re the bees knees, Breezy, you really are. This world is more beautiful and inspired because you’re in it. Keep doing everything you’re doing; it’s clearly working. I love you + happy birthday!

B + V

B + V

Bend + Goldendale

Whoa, all that heavy business in my last post sidetracked me from sharing pics from our trip to Bend and Goldendale last weekend. On Saturday/Sunday we stayed with friends outside of G’dale who live on property their family’s owned for 150 years. Between the animals and the private lake and fresh-caught trout, it was kind of hard to leave.


10 Barrel Brewing in Bend


Kobe beef sliders @ Fusion in Bend


Found this rad tree! Pilot Butte hike, Bend


Don and Laurie’s goats, Goldendale






my canoe partner


appetizer at Laurie’s, pesto gouda for St. Patty’s day


Laurie of the Lake

I think we’ve found ourselves a new vacation home!

thirteen years.

One’s life is a series of defining movements, choices, happenings, commitments, connections, and opportunities both found and lost. Part of what gives me so much gratitude and peace comes from watching and experiencing these moments of changing trajectory with so many of you. I can picture your life maps, where they’ve turned and twisted and reversed and settled. Who you’ve chosen to settle with or where you’ve chosen to move or how many humans you’ve created or how broken you may have felt. Your beautiful stories are so uniquely you. It’s such an honor to have such a grand community of people who choose to share these moments with me.

I’m reflective tonight because today is the anniversary of when my life map changed. On St. Patrick’s Day thirteen years ago, I snapped my ankle in half. And as I waited for the ambulance to come haul my 300 pound body to the ER, I knew that whatever was happening to me wasn’t going to just go away. An injury of the chronic type; one that would occassionally aggrivate me as well as teach me valuable lessons for years to come. I’d like to think it’s made me tougher and given me an unbelievable tolerance for pain. This ankle was, and continues to be, my driving force to lose weight and find health.

In many ways my ankle has been the Little the Engine that Could, defying odds and functioning at a high level longer than it ever should have. Unfortunately, today it is not exactly thriving. Time and arthritis have worked their magic and now I hobble around with a limp. I was hoping it would fade away, that I’d be back to my “normal” gait soon, but it’s almost been three months of this… so yeah, my dream of rebounding is fading. My mom even made me request a handicap parking permit (which I’ll go get tomorrow). Quite the anniversary gift, don’t you think?

On the bright side, I have a new ankle-only doctor lined up to see me early April. He’s supposed to know his stuff, and I’m obviously optimistic that he can offer some treatment to get me back in real walking/hiking shape. For now, I’m going slow. When I’m feeling feisty, I put on my hiking boots and we walk til I can’t manage. Fortunately when we were in Bend last weekend, I was able to make it through my favorite mini-hike, Pilot Butte.


It was just the right amount of outdoor adventure to get my blood flowing. And the post-hike hot tub didn’t hurt either. 🙂

Ankle issues aside, I’ve been truly blessed with such a charmed life, complete with gorgeous views and fabulous people to love and laugh with. Thank you for being part of it!

Wisco Invasion, part 2

Thanks for the encouraging words from my last post! Sometimes I just get worried that my life is all Parenthood episodes and happy hours, and I’m thinking, “what the heck am I DOING???!!! Stop being so dull and boring!!” And then I remember that I’m busy and happy and I need to calm myself waaaaay down. Having Keri and Violet here last week was an incredibley healthy and grounded experience for me. Whenever I have a piece of my real home join me in Portland, my heart pretty much explodes. And then they leave and I get sad, and that’s how that goes.

We had the best time; I’m so grateful.


the Zoo!


reading us the local happy hour guide


there may have been an 8:30am dance party in Voodoo, courtesy of Violet


John, Harper and V: My worlds collide at the Children’s Museum… that place is exhausting. I love these little humans so much.


Violet picked the color combo… well done, kid.


As soon as my visitors left, this happened.


Celebratory happy hour at Noble Rot last night… nothin’ wrong with discounted wine and stinky cheese, ya know?

I was down four pounds from last week, yes! And since my ladies have left, I’ve made it to the gym everyday. I’m back to Bodypumping — not fun! I’m way down in barbell weight from the last time I went… I can’t let myself slide on that. Feeling strong is so empowering; I must make that as much of a priority as spin class.

Well… shoot!

Has anyone seen my interest in fitness and general well-being? No? Yeah, I can’t find it either. Something’s up with me. Food addiction is stronger than ever, and some days I completely convince myself that the gym is not necessary. Not cool at all when all I wanna do is eat, eat and eat some more. I’m on a mission right now to find some hobbies. Shoot, I really wish I (like my mom, sister, boyfriend and so many of my besties) had more things that interest me. I don’t know… food is seriously the thing that interests me the most, but I can’t give into that urge all the time or else I’d weigh a million pounds. I’ve tried knitting, jewelry making, and photography, but nothing’s really sticking. My attention to detail is very “meh.” Maybe things will improve when we can bike and garden again. I must have cabin fever or something. Too many movie/wine nights inside and not enough fresh air. Gah, give me Spring!!!

Whatever, I’m rambling… Here’s the prettiest view I had last week while drinking my coffee before work. I was in Sandy, and it was just the most stunning sunrise. I call this one “Peace in the Valley.” Had that song (the Elvis version) in my head all day that day.


And here I am at my favorite breakfast spot. Can’t wait to take my own Mama to Mothers one day.


If you go, get the Salmon Hash. We were lucky enough to be seated by Mother herself… love that place!

Oh, one more thing — if you know my sister, Breezy — she’s my current inspiration — my mini-me has lost 20 pounds since the holidays and looks insanely beatiful and model-esque. Go, Sissy, go!