Harper Grace’s Third Birthday Weekend

Pedicures yesterday and a very pink and purple party today! Never thought I’d indulge in this many mimosas on behalf of a three year-old. 🙂

My favorite Harper quote, during the pedis, to Baby John: “Look Brother, they’re changing my colors!”

Way too presh.

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salt hangover

I woke up ridiculously dehydrated this morning, shaking my fist at the salt rub my chicken roasted in last night. And apparently wine doesn’t work as well as water when it comes to resetting the body’s water levels. Who knew? Spin class to the rescue and now I’m back on the up and up…

Mandy gave me some homemade Herbs de Provence for Christmas, which I mixed with black pepper and two different fancy salts. Nicole was kind enough to give me the Pinot Noir salt for my birthday; don’t these ladies know me so well?

Clean off your chicken, liberally rub it down with your herb and salt mixture, throw a halved lemon inside with, get this, MORE SALT. Then let it sit in the fridge for at least a couple hours. Roast at 475 degrees for the first 45 minutes and 375 degrees for the next 45 minutes. Let sit and carve. Then feed it to a bestie. Trevor made for one good looking dinner date last night… Love!

the rub!

Off to get a pedicure with a very special birthday girl – stay tuned for her party pics tomorrow. (Excited for cake!)

Community Supported Agriculture

Lindsay and I joined a CSA! Some friends of hers run a little farm in Vancouver that we buy into for just eleven bucks a week. So far our weekly farm supply has included farm fresh eggs, arugula, kale and rhubarb. And the real growing season hasn’t even started yet! Bring on the summer of farm freshies!

Dinner tonight: Two poached eggs on top of roasted fennel and kale

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Weigh-in Wednesday

162. I have a feeling I’m going to get kind of comfortable here…

Since my birthday weekend I haven’t gone fully back to the Medifast/Lean-Green meal plan. It’s time to set some new guidelines for myself, but I’m still working through what those will be. No wine during the week? Only drink on Saturday? Only one meal a day with carbs? Medifast for breakfast and snacks, real food throughout the rest of the day?

I don’t know, it just takes sooooo much negotiation in my head. A lifetime of guilty binge eating and food obsession (which I still intensely have, by the way) and the constant fear of gaining it all back is, well, really agitating.

In other (and way more important self-indulgent) news, I’m happy to announce my yearly physical yesterday proved I am super healthy. It’s the first time I haven’t been told by my doctor that I need to lose weight. Is there anything better than that to be grateful for? Nope.

Keep calm and carry on.

picnic, picnic, picnic

After this past weekend of extreme sun and lots of outdoor activity, I’ve decided 2012 is the year to try to save my skin. Years of sunburns and excessive freckling probably have sealed my fate, but it can’t hurt to try, right? It’s also a good excuse to buy sun hats! Did y’all partake in sunscreen-required activities?

Picnic #!: Dinner Club at our place Saturday night (picnic theme!)
Picnic #2: In Liam and Sherry’s backyard under their apple tree on Sunday afternoon with leftovers from Picnic #2
Picnic #3: On the terrace of Dean’s high rise at the South Waterfront with the entire Peterson/Sohlman clan. Swaaanky!

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To counteract all the picnic’ing, I did a lot of walking, outdoor stair climbing and gym’ing. Perhaps I’ll actually share my weigh-in results this week! (Did you notice how I conveniently forgot to mention last Wednesday’s five pound weight gain? Eeeeeeeeeeeeek.)

Appalachian Trail or Bust

Today is equal parts sad, celebratory, anxious and most importantly for all of us, inspiring. Sara and I just kissed Mandy goodbye as she rounded up the last of her dehydrated food, Merino wool underwear and unbelievably lightweight and waterproof gear for her hike up the East Coast on the Appalachian Trail.

Our bestie is doing WHAT?? No big deal, it’s only 2000 miles or so of walking

Please keep our girl in your thoughts over the next six months as she tackles the unimaginable. Thanks to Trevor and Sonny for sending her off in style on Saturday night with live bluegrass, hay bales and lots of plaid.

Follow the journey through her blog, and the Bland plays on…

You’ve left quite an impression on Portland and your people here, Mandy. We love you and look forward to your visits, whenever they may be. Now go get what you’ve been working and waiting for!

nothing tastes better than birthday calories

Falling hard off the diet wagon is really, really fun.

Brace yourselves for this food-frenzy slideshow. Three days and multiple events packed with delicious food and strong drinks: My birthday on Friday, Mandy’s Barn Stormin’ party on Saturday and belated Easter with Kent and Steph’s crew on Sunday.

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As you can probably guess, it was nothing but Medifast and working out today. What a trip!

Unlimited thank you’s and love to everyone who celebrated this weekend!


Made it to the 150’s! Bring on the celebratory ice cream!

Mint Cookie ice cream at Mint

Happy Birthday to Anna! We also split the lamb burger, sweet potatoes fries and a Caesar salad.

Since the scale was so generous this morning, considering the above mentioned indulgences, I may skip weighing myself tomorrow and hopefully just kick back and enjoy victory. (I’m struggling with some inner guilt issues with every bite I take these days… it’s really annoying.)

After Mint last night, I went downtown for another birthday celebration with these two rugrats!

Jamie and Dean @ Urban Farmer; Happy Birthday, Dr. Deano!

Y’all are invited to to Hotel Borthwick for tamales and tacos tomorrow night! We’ve got a lot of April birthdays to cheers to!

Weigh-in Wednesday

My deflated morale from last night’s failed gym sesh was rebounded this morning during my weigh-in —

Down another pound!

The Weight Watchers website says the ideal weight for my height is between 128 and 160… One pound to go!

A lot of you have been asking me what my goal weight is, and honestly, I don’t think I have one. I like how I look with clothes on, hate how I look with clothes off, and I feel strong and happy and can do pretty much everything I want to do without pain or discomfort. Yes, I need to keep focus and continue to minimize the belly fat for the sake of my organs that live in there, but really, an actual final number? I don’t know if I care that much… 🙂 More on this later…

And Happy belated 31st Birthday to Anna Koza! Can not wait to celebrate with my friend tonight. Love you, lady!

what comfort zone?

I’m about to take my first-ever Athletic Training class. The website describes it as a class featuring “basic sports specific movements and calisthenics drills. Class offers challenging options for athletic conditioning.”

I’m scared.

Looks like I’m going to celebrate my last few days of being thirty in total pain and soreness. No matter though, as long as I can get that much awaited beer to my lips on Friday afternoon. (What kind of beer, you ask? An Organic Hopworks IPA, of course! Join us on the patio at HUB on Williams if you’re available around 3pm that day :))

Anyway, here I go…………


Update: My Ma was right. The ankle did not appreciate, and I quit after ten minutes. Boo! Back to the spin bike tomorrow…………