21 Day Fix

Ty graciously lent me her 21 Day Fix food and workout system a few weeks ago (she also included 3 bottles of wine, which I was much more interested in), and I’ve been avoiding the food plan like nobody’s biz (loving the workouts though!). The color coded containers that you’re supposed to measure everything with just look so… small? Can I really curb my appetite THAT much overnight? “Here Cass, Auntie Ty sent you some mini containers to play with.” And then they vanished under the couch and never bothered me again.

Until I fished them out and started using them… TODAY (ten minutes ago)! Ahh! Another day, another diet. All in all, this is a lot like Weight Watchers, with an even bigger emphasis on portion control (my Achilles heel). No freebies here, folks! We’re counting fruit and veggies now… hooray!?

I’ve been pretty consistent with the morning fasting since my last post (and it should be noted that I’ve seen zero weight loss since then)… but this morning I went to a 5:30am spin class (toot toot!), and there is just no possible way to make it until noon. So I busted out my containers and made myself a mini brunch (minus the mimosas) of 2 hard-boiled eggs and an apple with cinnamon… that’s one purple container and one red container…

This is going to be complicated, isn’t it? I just made the silliest little chart as an attempt to keep track. If I’ve learned anything from the diet merry-go-round, it’s that I don’t lose weight if I’m not tracking.


Still missing the red one, blame the baby



And a snapshot from Easter in Florence:


Blowing bubbles by the sea






St. Patty’s Day

Our family doesn’t go too far with St. Patty’s Day celebrations. Sure, Eli loves his Irish Whiskey, and I don’t mind dressing Cass up in current holiday flare, but we aren’t the ones running around town drinking green beer mid week. So it was almost an accident when we planned to make Smitten Kitchen’s broccoli fritters on Thursday. But hey, green food! Maybe Cass will diss this like everything else I try to feed her. (Seriously, how did the two of us get a picky eater?)

This recipe was incredibly easy, and we’ll modify it with other veggies in the future. We used avocado oil for pan frying… so healthy fried food, right? Find the recipe here! We served it with a Costco rotisserie chicken and hot sauce.


Cass enjoyed playing with them but not so much eating them. I guess I’ll have to make Cheerio fritters next time.


Today is my first day off from working out this week (but we still plan to walk a couple miles)! I’m loving the momentum and increased stamina. And thank you all for the sweet comments, texts, phone calls and emails about the site. It’s fun thinking about my blog, recipes and pictures again. XO



Inching my way back

I’m just gonna sneak back in here and hope no one notices for a while. It’s been a year and a half since my last post, so I assume no one is even checking anymore. Life has changed in a million ways that are hard to even list or put into words. And those questions I was riddling myself with in my last post? Well (most of) those things are either laughable, irrelevant or have long been resolved. We DEFINITELY use the 80 wipes my mom made. And yes, I can manage the cost of health insurance. As far as the daycare questions go – we feel like we won the lottery in that department. Cassidy loves it there and we feel like it’s the best money we’ve ever spent. Generally speaking, it seems most things in the parenting category are falling into place… for now. 🙂

But… wait for it… I still weigh over 220 pounds. I’ve lost almost zero pounds since the birth. I took all the delicious advice to “eat what you want, you’re eating for two!” and “don’t worry, you’ll lose weight when you breastfeed” and “give yourself a break – you JUST HAD A BABY!” Basically these statements took over my brain, became my new mantra and guess what… Those old eating habits that I spent the better part of my late 20’s and early 30’s undoing came back in full force.

So here I sit. My back hurts, my ankle hurts and my self-confidence is shaky. There are weeks when I maintain a workout plan, and then the excuses take over and convince me to focus on anything BUT physical activity. Or I’ll try cutting back carbs… which just means I eat more meat, and that doesn’t make me feel good either. There are days when I track calories, but then I “forget” to do so when pizza becomes an option.

So Sara told me to pick one little thing at a time to change. I spent awhile thinking about that. What can I feasibly change on a daily basis (consistently) to improve my health? Knowing my personality, I know that I need elimination for success. Elimination gives me guidelines that I know I can’t talk myself out of. So this might sound drastic, but I’ve decided to fast until noon every day. I’m five days in, and I kind of love it. My morning appetite and productivity have decreased and increased, respectively. And now I’m inspired to have a healthy lunch to keep my momentum for the day going. I’m also committed to at least 30 minutes a day (for six days a week) of exercise that will make me sweat. I’ve been using the 21 Day Fix workout dvd’s as well as gym classes… and so far so good! Having an option to workout at home makes a huge difference.

My next change will be to further manage my caloric intake, but I’m not quite ready for that yet. Let’s see how these two commitments go for time being.

For any moms out there struggling with (or mastering) the post-baby healthy body game – I’d love to know what your journey has been like. Let’s inspire each other to be the fabulous women we are!