Weigh-in Wednesday

I’m actually very happy to announce I only gained one pound over the holiday. Yesterday when I checked, the damn scale said I’d gained TEN, so I’m pretty glad all mellowed out into a reasonable situation this morning.

Stay tuned for leftover-turkey soup pics and recipe and Baby John pics… Gotta watch Elf now!


Tuesday night

Almost forgot to blog – I’ve been sidetracked with jewelry-making and online gift research chat banter with my sister for most of the evening. And now it’s time for bed.

I made the foolish mistake of previewing the scale this morning. You know when you’re sick and you secretly hope that your flu bug also made you lose twenty pounds instantly? Well, not the case here, my friends. Not the case at all. To cope with the nerves of tomorrow’s real weigh-in, I went to an early morning Chrisanthi Spin and an evening Bodypump combined with 35 minutes on the elliptical. I also ate light (by my standards); dinner was a mere egg and kale sandwich.

These hunger pangs and {completely} trashed legs must be justified tomorrow morning when I revisit the scale.

Slumber party at Ty’s tomorrow night… I’ll be sure to post our evening recipe. A fam fave for sure!

Goodbye, Vacation.

An impressive weekend, for reals. I single-handedly beat off a flu bug I was certain was going to kill me. The pasta maker made its first winter appearance last night, appropriately greeted by the taste buds of Sara and Trevor. And then tonight was another winter first – MEATBALLS! Yep, that’s right, tonight was a homemade spaghetti and meatball feast for five. Total bliss.

But nothing compares to the euphoria of my solo late-night walk through SE Portland tonight. It’s so wonderful– at 9 or 10 o’clock every night, no matter how rainy the day, the night clears up for a few hours into the most perfect walking conditions one could hope for. Crisp and damp and quiet, empty streets and crazy, random smells. One block on my walk always blasts the scent of burnt toast; it’s really odd. Listening to Spotify, I replayed all of my favorite songs from the week and sang out loud and fist pumped and air-drummed during the best parts. It’s almost like having a dog again… walking is just the best mood lifter ever.

Halfway through 3.5 miles:

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Back at it tomorrow. I hope you’re able to shake the post-holiday funk. On to the next party, right?!


So sorry I completely spaced on a Thanksgiving post. Chrisanthi nearly killed me during a 90 minute class early Thursday morning, and after that I couldn’t get down to Ty’s fast enough. The day was so relaxing, and completely full of family and friends and adorable children and a crazy amount of food (and wine).

And then I spent yesterday sick. Major gratitude to Lindsay for putting up with my worthless self for the better part of 12 hours. Glad that’s over so I can finally throw back some leftovers!

Today’s post-workout lunch, simple does it (toast, spicy mustard, cold meat, avocado, sriracha):

Weigh-in Wednesday

Fist pumping abounds! Down three pounds!

What a grand way to start one of my most favorite days of the year, good news on the scale and a pair of Chrisanthi classes with Stacey. It is a real blessing that I am strong and healthy enough to do exactly what makes me feel happiest – exercise. Nothing lasts forever, so I’m going to spend today reflecting on how wonderful I feel in this moment. Well that and drinking wine and cooking. And eating.

Back in class for her 90 minutes Spin tomorrow.

Happy day-before-Thanksgiving! I hope all of you enjoy a joyful Wednesday night with the promise of sleeping in and eating all day tomorrow. (Please share what you’re making! We’d love to know!)



I fully support the idea of taking off as much time as possible around Thanksgiving. The time I require for grocery shopping, cooking, going to the gym, and extensive socializing leaves very little time for work. Tonight I am grateful for a job that gives me the flexibility to enjoy my favorite holiday!

Mandy and Ryan threw a really proper pre-Thanksgiving feast on Sunday. (I know what you’re thinking, “Didn’t she go to a pizza party the night before?” Yes, yes I did. It’s been a bit of a workout marathon these days.) I made green beans (with ham, fresh onions and fried onions) as well as pumpkin bread pudding with homemade caramel sauce (Mandy was the lucky winner of those leftovers).

Chrisanthi has been keeping me moving this week in Spin classes, and there are more to come. Tomorrow it’s two classes (Bodypump first), and Thursday morning she’s extending the class for extra calorie burn before the food masacre.

A sneak peak at the scale this morning gives me big hope for tomorrow’s Wednesday Weigh-in!

Sara loaned me her fancy flash, so I’m on the food-photo wagon. Here are some shots from my second Thanksgiving feast of 2011:

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Right now I have a New Year’s resolution brewing, and I think I’ll be ready to commit to it shortly. Any big plans out there? Anything you plan to change in 2012? Is it too early for this conversation? Should I just focus on indulging in Thanksgiving for the time being? Fair enough.

Happy 30th Birthday, Missy!

One of my all-time favorite people turned 30 yesterday. In many ways, Missy helped changed my life. After a handful of random Craigslist roommates, Missy-from-Chicago came along and became my cooking partner, crafting partner, and friend. She would remind me that one serving of dinner is plenty, and then we would count out the number of Trader Joe’s “Cat Cookies” we could have for dessert… all of this reminding me that I didn’t need to stuff my face before bed. Her healthy lifestyle became the force that inspired me to re-join Weight Watchers a few years ago, which guided me down to my current weight. Now that we don’t live together, her absence in my home space is palpable. Sometimes at night when I’m back in the kitchen, rummaging around for another bite, I think “what would Missy do?” Missy would go to bed and dream about tomorrow’s giant bowl of cereal! Seriously! 🙂

I love you so much, gal.

We made pizza in her honor last night! Here you’ll see the eats (eggs on pizza… do it!) and grand surprise her family pulled off. They sent her old blankie and diary and handcarved spoons and a wonderful scrapbook! There were tears!

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Rockaway Beach lunch break

Weather on the coast is super bi-polar today. My lunch break, however, has been graced with sun breaks, and I can’t help but enjoy this moment of peace without anything pressing to do (until the next presentation, of course).

Rockaway Beach, Oregon

No workout today; homecooked dinner and America’s Next Top Model take precedence.

Weigh-in Wednesday

Down 1.5 LBS!

I’d love to blather on about the day, but I don’t have the energy since I just got home, finished my work day and have to get up early tomorrow and do nearly the exact same things with different people in different places. Gratitude moment: No two days are ever the same. When things seem frustrating (pouring rain traffic crazy annoying 1.5 hour commute!!!), the next day is always completely different.

Not pictured: The rest of the Mandy Chantrelles. Anna and I made some record-breaking risotto that was busting with the ‘shrooms and peas (yep, that’s two nights in a row of this recipe… it’s just so damn good.)

Workout: Third spin class in a row (with stacey this time!). I wanted to quit after the 20th mintue. Think I need a break from the cycle…

How are you people fairing in your goals? Anything you’d like to share? Love you!

Family Night in Tigard

Family Nights are good for the soul. Check out some shots from Ty’s fall photoshoot, as well as a couple of the kids helping me make dinner (the famous risotto recipe here). Doesn’t get much better than this. Gratitude for family!

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Tomorrow is Weigh-in Wednesday, and I’m hoping to see some progress on the scale. I’ve exercised harder this week than I have in a very long time, so validation would be a bonus. Even without a lower number though, I can tell I’m getting stronger each day. Gratitude for health and stamina!

So two things to share with you.

First, a fantastic pumpkin bread recipe that calls for less sugar than most and has chocolate chips in it! Missy brought this over for brunch the other day; I’d say it’s a pretty great breakfast idea for guests to snack on during the Thanksgiving Day parade. Check out the Fresh Loaf for recipe and pics. Gratitude for homemade sweet treats from people you love!

And guess what else… Carol Ann sent me a workout playlist! Let’s see what the rest of you are listening to! I’ll be putting this together on Spotify tomorrow (gratitude for music to move to!):

Estelle – American Boy
Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc
Chris Brown – Forever
John Legend and the Roots – Compared to What
Amy Winehouse – You know I’m know good-check out thhe remix with ghostface killah
NWA – Express yourself
Foster the people – Pumped up kicks
Aloe Blacc – i need a dollar
Far East Movement – Like a G6
Morrissey – Something is Squeezing my Skull
Trey Songz(and niki manaj) – Bottoms up
Shakira – Loca anlong with waka waka