Mental victory

Chrisanthi’s spin class this morning required intense concentration: 6 min @ 85 rpms, 6 min @ 90 rpms, 6 min at 95 rpms. That’s 18 straight minutes of crazy fast cycling, and the rest of the class was no picnic either. I certainly felt a sense of accomplishment when I left… getting ready for the Bridge Pedal in August! Although I do see a pair of padded bike shorts in my future.

Tasty lunch today! It was time to use up some of the random food in the fridge… Chopped salad time!

Chop this: Cabbage, scallions, blanched broccoli, leftover chicken, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, pita bread, and anything else you can think of. Dress with lemon juice, hot sauce, olive oil and salt and pepper.


A Weight Watchers miracle

I went in expecting a five pound gain but was only up 1.8!! Gaining weight should not elicit such enthusiasm, but you’d be excited too if you’d just eaten a hole through Vancouver and Bellingham. This should be pretty easy to rebound from, physically and mentally.

Today was spectacular: A great solo workout at the gym, fun work day and then dinner at Sara’s. She has chickens and we ate their eggs. Pretty sure I’m hooked on the farm freshies now.

Ingredients for pita sandwiches (Sara’s pic):

Sweet treat: Yogurt, blackberries, cinnamon

Thanks for feeding me, gal!

Birthday baby

Things are good! We’re back from the fabulous trip, and I’m pulling myself together. I got up early for a Chrisanthi spin class and had this beautiful salad from the co-op in Corvallis after presentations:

We stopped to pick up ingredients and balloons on our way back to town for a pre-birthday dinner at the Sohlmans. Guess who turns ONE tomorrow!! We heart you, Harper!

Dinner was two recipes from Lynn Rosetto Kasper’s cookbook How to Eat Supper: Green beans with prosciutto, cranberries and lemon-gremolta and pan-fried chicken in cider reduction with salted almonds. All served on creamy polenta.

Vancity to B’ham

At one point this blog was supposed to encourage healthy living through smart cooking and exercise. Currently it has more of a “look-at-how-much-food-I-can-eat-in-different-towns” theme going on. Not the healthiest. This Pacific NW food tour has left me feeling sluggish, full and exhausted… good thing it ends tomorrow!

We got back to B’ham this afternoon, and I immediately went to the gym. I’ve actually had a fairly active day, but my belly is still stuffed with Chinese soup dumplings (I’ve been on a mission for these for six years), tapas and BBQ pork. The most unique thing I tasted today: A double scoop of spicy mango gelato and red rice coconut gelato. Thanks for the hospitality, Chinatown!

The first time I had soup dumplings was in NYC’s Chinatown many years ago. After some major searching, I found only one place in Vancouver that serves them (and none in Portland):

@ Lin’s on West Broadway and Granville:

Scallops and white bean puree with truffle oil at Flats Tapas in B’ham:

Weigh-in should be a real treat this week.

sushi, twice

We met up with two of my Canadian coworkers, Scott and Hilary, for a sushi feast at Oysi Oysi this afternoon… and we loved it so much we decided to try another spot for dinner. The food on this trip has been so good that I’m not too terribly depressed to have missed this weekend’s Food Cart Festival in Portland. I trust the pals are taking appropriate notes and pictures, just as I have.

Today’s touristy events: Granville Island (best public market I’ve probably ever been to!), Stanley Park/Seawall, sushi, Olympic sightseeing, Chinatown photo shoot, some of highway 99 North, Lynn Canyon suspension bridge, Commercial Drive (food!), and Granville Street (more food!). Thankfully the rain took a chill pill long enough to allow for substantial walking.

Here are pictures, mostly of food, of things we ate and did not eat.

Canuck territory

We made it! Our trip into Vancouver was relatively uneventful, putting us in Chinatown at a lovely hostel in a private room with a tv and internet. Super score.

Once we recovered from the touristy sports bar near the Canucks stadium (our first stop), we sloshed through the rain to Gastown where we tasted some amazing bites and drinks.

At Revel, braised short ribs, cornbread and green beans:

The kids at Revel pointed us toward the Diamond, a beautiful second-story Asian-inspired spot overlooking Maple Leaf Square and serving craft cocktails. We should all considered a family field trip to Vancouver just for this place. Cheap eats/strong drinks!

Soba noodles with duck (super spicy):

View from our table of Maple Tree Square:

@ Radha’s, a yoga/eatery across the street from our hostel… we had a raw brownie parfait (omg) and housemade chai for our final stop. I want to eat their entire menu before I leave. Wish me luck! Beautiful place, beautiful food:

No workout today, only mild walking (soooo rainy!) I’m committed to breaking a sweat tomorrow… keep ya posted!

Earth Day in Bellingham

The coolest thing happened today. The Best Western we’re staying at in B’ham let us check in super early and then gave us free passes to the local athletic club! I got a great workout in right after presentations (35 minutes spin bike and lots of arms/abs exercises). The sister and I spent some of the afternoon exploring the downtown scene and had a fabulous lunch at La Fiamma Wood Fire Pizza. Check out this gorgeous salad (with tomato vinaigrette dressing) and tomato soup with balsamic!

I couldn’t resist trying the ice cream at Mallard’s, a local foodie craze… I sampled an apricot-cayenne sorbet, but settled on this coconut ice sorbet with chocolate and almonds. We will def be going back for more tomorrow before we leave.

Currently sis is hot-tubbing while I blog, work and finish my homework. Tonight we’re attending an Earth Day BBQ at Boundary Bay Brewing with my coworker Andee!

Homestyle food on the road

Juanita and Brenden are quickly becoming amazing food and family friends of mine. This trip through they fed me homebaked macaroni casserole and fancy-chocolate pudding. Seattle never tasted so good… We capped the night with some wild Scrabble that surely would have ended differently had I been score keeper.

Casserole recipe from the Joy of Cooking (a book I’m going to order immediately):

Between the pudding and the Scrabble wine, I was definitely over points… too bad it’s not the thought that counts:

This morning I went to the Seattle gym (35 minutes elliptical/push-ups/crunches) and roamed Pikes Market with Bree… I say this a lot, but that place just makes me so so happy. Food, flowers, samples, coffee, sweet treats, musicians, and crazy people all over the place. Love.

We’re about to meet my boss and coworker for dinner… fun fun! On to Bellingham tomorrow!!!

Greetings from the Stayton Library parking lot!

A big part of my job is creeping through small towns trying to find wireless internet. When in doubt, check the library. This library has yet to open, so I’m sitting in my car and blogging and procrastinating on homework before my next presentation.

The good: I refuse to eat out today and have lots of goodies packed – 2 apples, a banana, yogurt and some oats… this should get me through until I get home and can slam a black bean burger. I WILL KEEP TRACK OF POINTS TODAY! I FEEL AMAZING!!

Remember the Korean Rice Bowl I told you about? SO. GOOD. The recipe calls for this sesame chili salt that is made with a mortar and pestle… the perfect finish!

Dinner for five:

Click here for the recipe

Dinner with Juanita’s family in Seattle tonight! She mentioned something about casserole…….. !!!!

Bon Appetit

A thank you to Ty for supplying our monthly issue of Bon Appetit magazine; it always look so inspiring on our coffee table. I’m not sure if I’ll have time to blog tonight’s dish from the recent issue, but stay tuned for future pics of their Korean Rice Bowl. Is it 8:00 yet?

I just blasted through levels 2 and 1 of Jillian’s 30 Day Shred and now I’m dropping Sis off at the gym so she can watch the NBA playoffs while exercising… and I’m headed to sing!

Probably won’t be able to blog tomorrow either, but stay tuned for pics from our travel adventures. Here’s to hoping we don’t kill each other!