Weigh-in Wednesday

Down two more!

That’s about 14 total since Jaime and I started the 30 Day Challenge back in mid-February. And although I’ve reintroduced wine back into the mix, I’m still avoiding unnecessary sugars. Fewer mood swings, better digestion, better sleep, fewer cravings, more energy… Yeah, I think I need to keep this up. I’m even trying to avoid highly sugary fruits and pointless carbs. (By the way, Kroger Brand has a great 90 calorie sandwich thin… Perfect for veggie burgers!)

So this brings me to my current crisis: What’s a girl to do about Easter candy?!

I think Chocolate Covered Katie’s Copycat Reeses Peanut Butter Cups will do the trick. Zero grams! My Mama flies in tonight, and she’s the perfect person to help with these.

Easy dinner-for-one last night:

Roasted asparagus with farm fresh egg over easy

Roasted asparagus with farm fresh egg over easy

While flipping through phones pics this morning, I found this from last week.

Smith Rock. Misery Trail.

Smith Rock. Misery Trail. Can’t wait to do it again.


beets for every meal!

I told Eli yesterday I’ve never felt healthier or stronger in my entire life. My current gym schedule has found a happy groove, balanced between cardio (Spin class) and weight training (Bodypump). And we’re also playing outside more, with ample biking and hiking as the weather continues to improve. While I’m certainly not at my lowest weight ever, it feels empowering to say “I’ve never felt better.” And I mean it.

On a less positive note, I did eat an entire pint of So Delicious Coconut Chocolate ice cream today (can’t buy that anymore!), so dinner was a light French-inspired meal of fennel/parsley salad, dressed in lemon and stone-ground mustard, topped with two eggs over-easy:


And do you remember my last beet-obsessed post? Well the red-stained hands continued through the weekend, with beets featured in multiple meals. We collected all the beet broth left from par-boiling and made this [absolutely gorgeous] risotto last night:


Want to make? Beet broth not necessary! Get the recipe here!

And yesterday was also exciting, because we started a bunch of seeds in Eli’s basement! Guess what you’re looking at here – that’s right, more beets! We planted both golden and red ones. Bring on the harvest!


Back from Bend

Easy post-travel dinner tonight at Eli’s: Grilled beets, onion and veg burgers on greens with homemade tahini dressing. Gotta love a dude who can grill the healthy stuff!


We reignited our obsession with beets during our trip. I am no longer interested in eating salads without them! Do you have any beet tricks or recipes to share?

From Bend

Non stop travel this Spring makes me a lazy blogger. Currently Eli and I are in Bend on my yearly work trip. From hiking Smith Rock State Park and Pilot Butte to window shopping downtown Bend, we’ve been living it up. Last night was dinner at my favorite restaurant/market/coffeeshop here, Jackson’s Corner!

We split their pizza special and large Spring salad. We may have to go back for more tonight….


Before we left, I was psyched to record a ten pound weight loss since beginning the 30 Day Challenge! 

More from Vail

I’m about to head to the resort gym for my final workout. Thank you to my sis and her peeps for making this a perfect winter vacation.

I didn’t really take advantage of my ‘cheat’ day from the 30 Day Challenge like I’d planned. I had a light cocktail during our Saturday night dinner (elk steaks at pal Brandon’s!), which I felt guilty about since I also had a bit of wine last weekend. Overall though, I’m pretty surprised by my focus on this mission.

More vaca pics:


Her friend Troy's ski shop in Vail Village





Regrouping in Vail

Apologies, apologies. Last week was a challenging one for me, and blogging could not have been further from my radar. The good news is that I did not turn to food and managed to keep up my gym commitments. Thanks to my scale for reassuring me I’m still on the right track! Fortunately life is back to ‘normal’ and happiness, gratitude and love abound.

And now I’m on vacation! Breezy, T and I arrived at our posh condo in Vail yesterday… We have a furnished kitchen, so we stocked up on groceries and have lots of healthy meals planned. T made her award-winning pizza chili last night, and tonight we’re having turkey burgers.

Here are a couple shots from my post-workout walk during sunset:




an ice cream miracle

When Breezy and T came to visit last month I finally caved and indulged in Salt and Straw, a local ice cream joint serving off-beat and decadent scoops like blue cheese and pear or ALMOND BRITTLE WITH SALTED GANACHE. As one would assume, this isn’t Portland’s most figure-friendly eatery.

S & S has no place in my current 30 Day Challenge. What’s an ice cream loving girl to do? Is there even a low cal/low sugar option for an addict like myself? Yes, yes there is. Coconut can be seen slipping into the mainstream diet these days, including the frozen dessert aisle. Hallelujah!


The chocolate and vanilla varieties are only 100 calories per serving. And as Stacey (my genius best gym friend who tipped me off to this magic treat) says, the worst thing you’ll do is eat the entire pint at 400 calories. And it really is as delicious as they say.


We just returned from the loveliest sunset walk where Eli patiently observed as I creepily photographed neighbor’s fresh Spring blooms. Now we make turkey bulgur meatballs.