21 Day Fix results

I know most people see mega results after following this meal plan… but you know me… I had to take my fair share of cheat days. And with multiple birthday sushi dinners thrown in there and other friend/family celebrations, I’m SUPER pumped to be down ten pounds. My typical pattern is to usually gain a bit this time of year, so no diet shaming here!

The biggest tweak I made to my diet is to basically cut out the heavy carby carbs prior to dinner. Breakfasts are usually apple and peanut butter or hard boiled eggs. Lunch is always veggie-heavy with some protein. And then dinner is a more of a free-for-all situation. If we’re cooking at home, we’re making food light on carbs. If we’re eating out, it’s obviously harder to plan. No matter what, I try to track as much as possible. Here’s my system (pic taken yesterday):


It’s basic and easier for me than Weight Watchers.

Other changes: EXERCISE! I sweat nearly everyday. I’m seeing major improvements in lifting weights, planks, push ups, ab workouts, stamina in spin class and ankle strength.

I’ve told a few of you about the black bean brownies I’ve been making to kick the sweet tooth. They’re from Chocolate Covered Katie and found here. Here’s my second batch:


Sorry, still working on my blogging skills.

Ok, now I’m off to check out the website Paleo Leap… suggested to me by Amanda during our fabulous salad party lunch earlier today. Long live healthy friendships!

Any other healthy foodie websites I should check out?




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