One week in


I even have Eli on board… and I truly believe he’s the secret to my success. My advice if you’re looking to change your lifestyle: be open and honest with the people in your home/life, and ask for the help you need. Although he’s not tracking food with me, he is an all-star in the kitchen and can make healthy ingredients taste restaurant quality (i.e. meatball stuffed poblano peppers in spicy tomato stew…drool!). And he’s 100% into family fitness and showing Cassidy how much we value being outside and active as a family. He totally kicked my butt on Saturday when he suggested we climb the Mt. Tabor stairs… with Cass… on our backs. He carried her up once and then strapped her to my back for round 2. Brutal. People probably thought we were insane-o. I thought we were insane-o.

I’m down 6 lbs this week, which isn’t surprising… water weight and such. But I’m already stronger with improved stamina during my workouts.

Stay tuned for a recipe in my next post… an approved sweet treat all three of us love!



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