St. Patty’s Day

Our family doesn’t go too far with St. Patty’s Day celebrations. Sure, Eli loves his Irish Whiskey, and I don’t mind dressing Cass up in current holiday flare, but we aren’t the ones running around town drinking green beer mid week. So it was almost an accident when we planned to make Smitten Kitchen’s broccoli fritters on Thursday. But hey, green food! Maybe Cass will diss this like everything else I try to feed her. (Seriously, how did the two of us get a picky eater?)

This recipe was incredibly easy, and we’ll modify it with other veggies in the future. We used avocado oil for pan frying… so healthy fried food, right? Find the recipe here! We served it with a Costco rotisserie chicken and hot sauce.


Cass enjoyed playing with them but not so much eating them. I guess I’ll have to make Cheerio fritters next time.


Today is my first day off from working out this week (but we still plan to walk a couple miles)! I’m loving the momentum and increased stamina. And thank you all for the sweet comments, texts, phone calls and emails about the site. It’s fun thinking about my blog, recipes and pictures again. XO




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