Moving days

Since my last post I’ve been quite preoccupied with moving (in with E!). And can I just tell you I will never live anywhere with so many stairs ever again? I’m happily downsizing right now: purging, consolidating, organizing, sharing, selling, donating, recycling, composting…

I just FEEL lighter without all the pointless stuff I’ve been swimming in.

Bodypump has taken a backseat to heavy lifting this week, but I’ve stayed true to my Spin classes: five workouts in the past six days!


I packed my scale already, so weigh-in will be an extra fun surprise tomorrow. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Moving days

  1. Congratulations on your big move!!! You look great, girl! I’ve also been purging clothes lately too and it feels amazing. I feel like I don’t have a lot to wear, but I love what I do have!

    • I’ve been following your stress of selling goods on ebay and can empathize. It is driving me NUTS that no one wants my adorable little loveseat that I’m so sad to give away! I mean, it’s cute and free and just needs a sweet little blanket to hide the blemishes. No brainer, people! No brainer!

  2. looking great Kelly!!! I always loved it when I moved cause it is sure the time to get purge all the stuff I never used. Can;t wait to see you in a couple of weeks.. love you!!!!!

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