Weigh-in Wednesday

Down 2.4 today! I tracked my food four out of seven days this week, and even though I’m pretty sure I ended over allowed Points, I tried to make sure the food was quality and satisfying. I also worked out six of the days, so that didn’t hurt. Healthy food + lots of moving = losing weight. Fascinating discovery. πŸ™‚

For Tre’s birthday today I’m taking these little bite size gems (and no, they aren’t sugar covered donuts). I adapted the recipe for these peanut butter chocolate balls from this site. Each date/peanut/coconut ball has exactly one chocolate chip inside, and then I tossed them in an almond flour/salt mixture. You’ll find many different varieties of this semi-sweet treat if you click the link.


And just for Spring’s sake, I think it’s time we all jump into a pile of 0 Point local strawberries… I stopped eating these just long enough to take a pic. They’re gone now. πŸ™‚



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