Wishing Tree Wednesday

The good really outweighed the bad today… I knew weigh-in would be dicey (gained one), so I decided to walk the 2.6 miles to and fro the WW meeting. Feeling quite high on fresh air and agility by the time I got there, the scale literally could have said anything. Doesn’t matter, I said to my meeting leader, I feel like million bucks today!

My best gym friend Stacey met me for part of the walk home, so we stopped at the Wishing Tree and played along…



Once I got home I made THE best salad with pan fried chickpeas and parsley on a bed on arugula (lightly tossed with balsamic), all topped with an eggy egg. The yolk makes the dressing and adds the protein!



2 thoughts on “Wishing Tree Wednesday

  1. I mean, are eggs the most wonderful, perfect food, or what? And a runny egg…oh man! I made a two egg sandwich for lunch today on delicious Iggy’s bread (don’t know if you have out west). I mashed half an avacado with a fork and added lemon juice and salt and slathered it on my toasted bread. Amazing.

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