one perfectly long weekend

Happy Memorial Day, y’all! Are we feeling the summer vibe or what?!

As promised, Eli and I hiked up Saddle Mountain yesterday to burn off our indulgences from Saturday night. Would you believe that I’m back to my normal self? No pain, no soreness, happy ankles… it’s like I’ve won the lottery, but better. What’s changed, you ask? Losing some weight, taking glucosomene, maybe acupuncture, more Bodypump classes… perhaps any combination of these things. Whatever the magic potion is, I hope to keep it up. There’s nothing better than scrambling (literally, this trail is TRICKY) to the top of something that seemed so impossible just a month before. I didn’t get much for pics, but here’s one, looking east:


And Portlanders: if you need some hippy dippy yogi nourishment, check out Harlow. I met Missy here for lunch today and devoured a kale/tempeh/bean/romesco/avo dish that I’ll probably be dreaming about until I go back for more next week.

And finally, per Missy’s request, here’s a pic of the dinner I made tonight: Shitaki cauli rice with Vietnamese carmelized shrimp. SALTY – SPICY – SWEET – GAHHH!


Of course served with a green salad. Get the recipe for the shrimp HERE.


4 thoughts on “one perfectly long weekend

  1. YUM! Thank you for the post Kel! I want to make it! It was amazing meeting up with you and your beautiful self today for that tasty meal. I am still thinking about your tempeh as well….

  2. So inspired by you, girl. LOVE the shrimp recipe. I will plan to make for Dave some night as a romantic stay at home date dish! It’s got his taste buds written all over it! Xo

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