Acquired Tastes Dinner Club

Dinner Club’s theme this month was “Acquired Tastes,” featuring foods we’ve grown to love over time. While I’ve never been a picky eater, I had a strong distaste for cantaloupe as a kid. Now I destroy at least one full melon a week. Since I had to make a side dish, I went with a savory melon salad for my contribution. To my surprise, it actually wasn’t a big hit at the dinner… but I loved it. And if you like fruity and salty salads, you hopefully will too. Take a melon baller to a cantaloupe and add chopped red onion, cucumber and basil. Toss these goodies with feta cheese and drizzle with maple/lemon/olive oil dressing. How pretty is this?


Other acquired tastes included: hoppy beer, shrimp (ceviche), olives (baked with chicken), kale and beet salad, tuna noodle casserole (a childhood favorite of mine)… this version tasted just like my mama’s), and carrot cake. We were surprised no one made a dish with tomatoes, onions or mushrooms… such a fun idea though!


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