Back to Bend

Last weekend’s girls’ trip to Bend was the BEST! We stayed busy (shopping and hiking and hot tubbing) and ate healthfully and got lots of sleep. Traveling and counting WW Points isn’t too hard, it just takes a little more focus when there are road trip snacks to navigate around. I’m happy to report I stuck to my plan and even earned some Activity Points at the hotel gym and hiking up Pilot Butte.

Three gals in the mirror at Barrio (new fave restaurant in Bend):


Top of Pilot Butte:


Deschutes River from the hotel:


Snowy mountain pass, en route to Eugene:


Snow at the end of April!? I guess some people are into that sort of thing…

Today is my mental health day. I’m working, eating light, getting lots of exercise and drinking plenty of water to prepare for weigh-in tomorrow. I’m hoping to be down 1 to 2 pounds. And Breezy convinced Keri and I to start this two-week “ab challenge,” which I’ll complete Day Two of today. Does anyone else hate ab work as much as I do? Uggggghghhhhh. Join us if you please:

25 normal crunches
25 left side crunches
25 left knee touches
25 crunches, legs half bent
25 right side crunches
25 right knee touches
25 crunches, legs flat on floor
25 second plank hold
25 leg lift butt raise crunches

It’s not fun, be warned.


One thought on “Back to Bend

  1. Can’t wait to do this and look ridiculous together!! Get me through Friday!! Excited for healthy good eats!

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