The return of Weigh-in Wednesday, OFFICIALLY

I say “officially” because I’m for reals about this. I just attended my third Wednesday Weight Watchers meeting since rejoining right before my birthday, and I’m flying high at 2.8 pounds down so far! I decided to join prior to my birthday to keep me in check during the celebrations, and it worked. My first week I was down .2 pounds (and that weekend included chocolate cake, wine and chicken wings). My second week was much more dedicated, though, as I followed their Simple Start plan, and I lost 2.6 at today’s weigh-in.

Changes I’ve made over the past two weeks:

1. Fruit! Zero points for nearly all fruit, and I’m finding cantaloupe, tangerines and bananas to be really satisfying when I’m hungry and not wanting to use “points”.

2. Limiting the wine consumption. One glass of wine is 4 points! Enough said.

3. Not over-exercising just so I can overeat. For someone who spends as much time at the gym as I do, I really have no excuse being 40 pounds overweight… something isn’t right. Instead of working out to eat more, I’m focusing on working out to feel stronger. It’s all about the mental shift. Why am I doing what I’m doing?

4. After my post-dinner treat (yogurt, fruit, popcorn, etc), I STOP EATING. Most people don’t struggle with this, but it’s my biggest downfall. On a normal night I can polish off an extra 200+ calories by rummaging through the kitchen before bed. Changing this habit is incredibly important to my success.

Aren’t we all just works-in-progress? I’m so inspired right now by so many people I love making positive changes and doing wonderful things. Breezy with her 30 pounds weight loss (!!!). Mandy with her Adventure Skirts and dedication to health and nutrition. Eli with his job search. Jamie and Jesse with their tree farm. And the list goes on and on… My heart soars for all of you pursuing your happiness and investing in yourselves!

So last week I bought a nifty new (used) bike and tricked Eli into riding the Banks-Vernonia trail with me on Easter Sunday. 42 miles of bliss on wheels!

At mile 10:


Halfway! Mile 21 lunch break by Nehalem River in Vernonia:


Lunch of spinach and leftover meatballs (we really are obsessed… see my previous post):


Mile 25, six to go:


The best part? I wasn’t sore at all after this ride – thanks to Spin and Bodypump classes for keeping me fit enough to play outside.

Stay tuned for how I manage my Weight Watchers plan in Bend this weekend!


One thought on “The return of Weigh-in Wednesday, OFFICIALLY

  1. I was so excited to see a new posting to your blog!! You girls continue to amaze me at how determined and dedicated you are. I love that you respect each other and use each other as role models. The pictures made me feel a part of your excursion. You are making a good life for yourself – with wonderful friends to share in your adventures! Keep up the good work and …keep on blogging:)

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