thirteen years.

One’s life is a series of defining movements, choices, happenings, commitments, connections, and opportunities both found and lost. Part of what gives me so much gratitude and peace comes from watching and experiencing these moments of changing trajectory with so many of you. I can picture your life maps, where they’ve turned and twisted and reversed and settled. Who you’ve chosen to settle with or where you’ve chosen to move or how many humans you’ve created or how broken you may have felt. Your beautiful stories are so uniquely you. It’s such an honor to have such a grand community of people who choose to share these moments with me.

I’m reflective tonight because today is the anniversary of when my life map changed. On St. Patrick’s Day thirteen years ago, I snapped my ankle in half. And as I waited for the ambulance to come haul my 300 pound body to the ER, I knew that whatever was happening to me wasn’t going to just go away. An injury of the chronic type; one that would occassionally aggrivate me as well as teach me valuable lessons for years to come. I’d like to think it’s made me tougher and given me an unbelievable tolerance for pain. This ankle was, and continues to be, my driving force to lose weight and find health.

In many ways my ankle has been the Little the Engine that Could, defying odds and functioning at a high level longer than it ever should have. Unfortunately, today it is not exactly thriving. Time and arthritis have worked their magic and now I hobble around with a limp. I was hoping it would fade away, that I’d be back to my “normal” gait soon, but it’s almost been three months of this… so yeah, my dream of rebounding is fading. My mom even made me request a handicap parking permit (which I’ll go get tomorrow). Quite the anniversary gift, don’t you think?

On the bright side, I have a new ankle-only doctor lined up to see me early April. He’s supposed to know his stuff, and I’m obviously optimistic that he can offer some treatment to get me back in real walking/hiking shape. For now, I’m going slow. When I’m feeling feisty, I put on my hiking boots and we walk til I can’t manage. Fortunately when we were in Bend last weekend, I was able to make it through my favorite mini-hike, Pilot Butte.


It was just the right amount of outdoor adventure to get my blood flowing. And the post-hike hot tub didn’t hurt either. 🙂

Ankle issues aside, I’ve been truly blessed with such a charmed life, complete with gorgeous views and fabulous people to love and laugh with. Thank you for being part of it!


8 thoughts on “thirteen years.

  1. Kelly – you have a true gift in writing and living! You have the ability to draw people in… to love… to nurture… to support… to motivate. You are a blessing to many!

  2. Kelly, you are a very special lady!!! All who know you are and have been inspired by you. You are in my prayers that your new doctor will be able to do something that will help with ankle so you can continue all the great activities you enjoy so much. Love you!!!

  3. Kelly,
    We are so blessed to have you in our lives! I couldn’t imagine anyone more thoughtful, interesting, wise, disciplined, perceptive, caring and lovable than you. When I grow up, I want to be like you. (Still working on those qualities you possess in my old age)

    Your Oregon Mom

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