my reset-button salad

Y’all know I can’t go on vacation (pics tomorrow, I promise!) without fully punishing myself the day after. Work, Spin class, the DMV, and seemingly endless errands during this drizzly 45 degree Monday can really send a gal packing back to that Texas sunshine.

Do any of you follow the Shutterbean food blog? She occassionally posts to Instagram “reset-button salads” on Mondays as she makes up for those weekend indulgences. That’s a diet plan I can get behind! How many salads does one need to eat to reset daily margaritas and chips/salsa? I don’t even want to know…

Here’s my lunch version today:


Roasted butternut squash and massaged kale, tossed with golden raisins, red pepper, onion, balsamic and olive oil — and apparently — healthy shots of parm and sriracha

Ok, excuse me while I go find the first martini I can get my hands on. 🙂


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