back on the spin bike

Finally, after over a week of staying out of the gym (some of the crabbiest days of my life), my face is healed up, and I returned to spin class. Every cell in my body decided to fight off this foreign experience, but I forced my brain to push forward. It really gave me a new appreciation for anyone embarking on a fitness routine for the first time. Starting is seriously the hardest part (and finishing isn’t that great either)… but now tomorrow’s class will surely be a more pleasant experience.

Something else went very wrong this past week – I returned to my old habit of “grazing” all food in my vacinity. Cookies? Zucchini bread? My roomates ice cream? Old Christmas candy? Crackers (which, by the way, I wasn’t supposed to eat because of my teeth)? Random leftovers? Sure, I’ll have a little taste of all of you. No mind to sugar, carbs, preservatives or nutrtition. Seems so silly considering I just ate so cleanly and happily for nearly a month! What is it inside of me that is so infatuated with any and all food?

New committment: Low carb, no/low grains, no extra sugar (baked goods or candy) – one exception that I need to eat real pizza when my family is here next week. Otherwise, I’m going to focus on these guidelines. Tonight we’re going to make a primal (paleo style with dairy) pizza, made with a spaghetti squash crust. Yum!

Ok, please excuse me while I go shovel the entire city out of this ridiculous winter mess so I can lay the red carpet out for my Mama and Breezy – who arrive on Sunday morning!


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