Whole30: The End

We called it off. Eli and I are done with our Whole30, err, maybe it was more like a Whole27. Either way, I’m happy to say we made it this far without killing each other. I mean, don’t all good relationships need a little wine now and then to take the edge off? Giving up alchohol is a good idea in therory, but let’s get serious, this girl needs her happy hour fix. When his parents offered us the last hard cider in the fridge last night, we could barely contain our giddiness. Diet? What diet? Of course we’ll share this delicously sweet yet tangy cider. THANK YOU!!!!!

The best part of this experience was all the cooking and drooling over recipes that sparked our foodie imaginations. And the absolute best was making a dish that was surely restaurant-quality, something we’ll make again and again. The coconut seafood stew, for example, will definitely go in our rotation. And so will this butternut squash rice. I made this for Megan tonight to pair with her slow-cooked mocha-rubbed pot roast, and it was just the best combo. So good, in fact, I’ll be eating it for breakfast tomorrow.

Spriralize your butternut:


And then food process the noodles into a ricelike consistency.

Here’s my test run – rice sauteed in coconut oil with green onions, garlic, and s + p. Our finally product tonight was more risotto like, as I stirred in small, periodic splashes of chicken broth. I also added peas and shredded parmesan cheese (oh how I’ve missed the parm! And feta! And chevre!)


Make this ASAP. You won’t miss the calories or carbs, I promise.

The Grateful Arpon is on hiatus for a few days while I get my wisdom teeth pulled and transition from the Whole30 diet to blender foods and pain pills. And I’d like to publicly thank my oral surgeon right now for giving me permission to drink wine during the Superbowl.

Go Broncos!


8 thoughts on “Whole30: The End

  1. Outstanding job. I just went through posts and you guys are troopers. I bet that cider tasted like absolute heaven. I’d have thrown in the towel for bacon wrapped things:) love

  2. so proud of you for the completing Whole30, well almost all of it. Good luck with the your oral surgery and enjoy that wine during the Superbowl.

  3. That butternut squash recipe is just the thing to keep me motivated to use my spiralizer consistently. Zucchini noodles are great but it is nice to have something new. I’ve also been having a hard time eating anything that is not beige. As you can imagine, that has led to some pretty unhealthy choices, but I’ve begun spinning out of that and can eat more flavorful items. For awhile i couldn’t even eat black pepper!

    I’ve been alcohol free for the last 3 months and could not imagine also having to be cheese free and all of these other things. You deserve a glass of wine each night just for trying to figure out all this stuff every single day. I’m looking forward to a glass of wine come August and have started researching the best tasting non-alcoholic wheat beers for when the sunshine hits this spring and my patio calls to me – I need something to drink at cookouts!

    good luck with your wisdom teeth! it is pretty intense seeing what they pull out of your jaw 🙂

    • The thought of your mamahood brings tears to my eyes. You are going to so wonderful. I’m planning a June trip and would love to have tea by the lake with you…… Maybe a mini baby shower?

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