Days 25 + 26

The secret weapon to a Whole30 is coconut. We use coconut everything these days – from milk to cream to vinegar to unsweetened flakes – we’ll take it in any form. It provides the rich, creamy and sweet flavor we crave during this time of sacrifice [relatively speaking, of course].

A year and half ago I got Eli The River Cottage Guide Fish Book for his bithday. Not only does the book have gorgeous photography and fish preparation techniques, it features recipes. Last night we made a coconut seafood stew from the book; the results were restaurant-quality in taste, but Whole30 in nutrition. Can’t beat it.


We followed the recipe but swapped their seafood suggestion with 2 bags of mixed seafood from Trader Joes. And we added a ton of veggies: mushrooms, broccoli, red pepper and carrot. Really, really easy for how profesh it turned out.


Workout tonight: Bodypump
Workout tomorrow: Spin

Gonna step on the scale again tomorrow. FINGERS CROSSED. TOES CROSSED.


One thought on “Days 25 + 26

  1. I know how important your weigh in w/b for you tomorrow!! You need a moral boost right now so I’m prayin’ really hard for your success!!

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