Days 19 + 20

**Exciting news from someone I deeply admire and am regularly inspired by — My sister Breezy is working on a Couch to 5K!! I wish I could join you, Sis, but know that I’m cheering you on from the comfort of my spin classes (where my ankles are safe and sound). I love you so much and am so proud of your committment to health!**

Last night Ty made the BEST oven fried sweet potatoes. Silly me forgot to photograph them, but they were deliciously coated in cumin and other savory spices. A perfect match to the simple taco salads we served them with.

And here’s today’s lunch: Spiralized sweet potato noodles sauteed in sesame and olive oils and fish sauce with a few slices of onion and chicken… and a handful of kale, because, well, kale goes in everything these days.


Workout yesterday: 40 minutes recumbant bike and sit ups and push ups
Workout today: Spin class
Workout tomorrow: Bodypump

Weigh-in update: I’m not seeing the progress I was hoping for. Time to start counting calories. {Feel frusterated.}


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