Days 17 + 18: Camping and Dinner Club

Two challenges this weekend: A winter fishing/camping trip and Dinner Club.

To make up for the lack of wine, whiskey or marshmellows (staples in the woods, if you ask me), we brought chili, natural hotdogs and delicious breakfast fixings. Our first campsite of 2014:


Morning treats and sunrise:



As soon as we got home I got busy prepping for Dinner Club (Italian theme this month). Bacon wrapped dates and mushrooms:


And Lindsay baked breadsticks that I enjoyed the lovely aroma of, but like Kellie’s homamade ravioli, had to say ‘no thank you’ to. I also brought a kale salad, a perfect base for Karen’s seared scallops.


It kind of pained me to pass up dessert (it looked amazing – Cool Moon chocolate and hibiscus sorbets – OMGGGGGosh) but was distracted by the hilarious discussions of swimming pigs and R. Kelly. Dinner Club is the best, no matter what diet I’m on.


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