Day 15

Half way there! Although, I am getting quite used to this and don’t find myself counting down the days for any other reason than to post updates on the expereince. I feel most in control when I have leftover go-to chicken in the fridge, prepped and ready for salads when I’m on the road. The hardest part of this is being stuck out in the middle of nowhere (a frequent occurence) with nothing prepared to eat… chicken and greens and a lemon wedge travel well! And, because it’s delicious, I find I eat the same combo of foods when I’m home. Lunch today: stovetop chicken, zucchini noodles, kale and avocado in a meyer lemon sauce.


Workout tonight: Spin class
Workout tomorrow night: Bodypump
Workout Saturday morning: Spin class

That’s my plan!


4 thoughts on “Day 15

  1. looks beautiful AND tasty! Hey … don’t know if this would work for you .. but dad tried one of his “tested” recipes on me tonight… cut avacado in half – take out seed – crack an egg – fill the whole with the egg yolk – top with cheese and bacon if desired (WHO DOESN’T DESIRE!!!!) bake at 350 for 15 minutes!! OMG … to die for!!

  2. the yolk was still runny and just a bit of cheese (no bacon this time) Yuuummmmy!
    Not sure … but he may be trying to get at my life insurance;) LOL…MOM

    • Wow. I know I’m feeling better and waaaay more in control of those cravings right now. I’m afraid baked goods and excess sweets won’t be part of my post-january plan.

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