Day 13

Are we bored yet? Nope! This wacky little diet continues to challenge and satisfy… and I’m happy to say the pounds are coming off too!

Dinner tonight: Borscht (courtesty of Mandy and Ryan’s cow share and Lindsay and Matt’s CSA produce box… local eats all over this place):


Find the recipe here. Note: I did not puree or blend anything, we ate it straight chunky style.

And I’ve been meaning to post the recipe for the best soup I’ve ever made. Inspired by the combo of coconut and almonds, this Chicken stew really knocked my socks off. It’s kind of like the Thai version of African Peanut stew. I used a bit more chicken than it called for, and we probably got 8 meals out of it. You should probably make it immediately and feed it to someone you love.

Workout: Core strenthening class and spin class


One thought on “Day 13

  1. almost half way there!! sounds like you’ve got lots of friends involved … keeping busy and making the best of this healthy kickstart to 2014!!
    GOOD GOIN’!!

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