Whole30: Day 8

Great website suggestion from Ty today (who happens to be enjoying her own brand new spriralizer):

There is a blogger dedicated to sprialized recipes! The Inspiralized has tons of ideas, some Whole30 compliant and some not, but a must-read for anyone trying to add veggies to the dinner table. Tonight we’re making the Baked Chicken and Kale dish (found in the 10 Healthy Recipes Under 350 Calories post) and then hitting up the Y.

Mandy and I had a great talk today about phasing into February (can you tell we’re ready?) without sacrificing our January successes. As I’ve admitted in the past, it’s really hard for me to continue or maintain weight loss if I’m not following a specific diet. That whole “live life in moderation” concept is pretty lost on me, and that’s always been a trait I’ve envied in many of my friends.

At this point I’m not sure what February will look like. Mom and Breezy are visiting (!), and I am doing some traveling as well next month… how will I keep my mind right and focused? I have three weeks left to make a plan!



3 thoughts on “Whole30: Day 8

  1. your comments during our phone conversation make sense now!! You will find a way!! You always do! I’m so proud of your success and continued commitment to good health!!

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