Whole30: Day 2

I’m definitely hungry right now, but that must have something to do with how much I ate over the holidays… My body isn’t used to small portions and no carbs anymore! I’ve spent a lot of time today trying to discern the difference between real hunger and habitual hunger. And also, what preverbial hole was all that food filling? How can I find a healthier way to fill it? And …. what the HECK does one do at 5pm on Friday other than happy hour?! Help!

Breakfast – one egg, four mushrooms, half link of chicken sausage

Snacks – almonds, Clementine, 1/4 frozen banana

Lunch – salad with homemade Caesar dressing and chicken sausage

Dinner – roasted veggies (thanks, Mandy!) and meatloaf with sun-dried tomato glaze. If it’s decent I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.

Workout – 60 minute spin class (ouch!)


One thought on “Whole30: Day 2

  1. hang in there !! The first few days must be the hardest!! Remember how quickly the past month went!! I’m counting on the same for January… then VACATION for me!!

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