New year, new diet

Happy 2014 to anyone still checking this little blog of mine! As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, I haven’t exactly been too keen on the blog scene lately. Partly due to my lack of ambition and disinterest in my own writing, partly due to increased food and drink indulgences, I’ve certainly found little to write and photograph. But here we are, embarking on a new year, and it’s time to reset the stage for a healthy future.

In 2013 my good friend Mandy, having recently faced both drastic personal highs and lows, decided to relocate back to Portland. Both her Appalachian Trail and Pacific Coast Trail hikes renewed her focus on health, fitness and nutrition. And being the sucker I am, I agreed to join her on two major endeavors for the month of January. The first: Crossfit. We bought nine sessions… and I’m terrified. Stay tuned to hear more about that.

And the second: The Whole30. This diet is pretty much paleo all the way, but stricter. Meat, veggies, some fruit/nuts and healthy fats. No dairy, grains, beans, sugar, alcohol……. There are many well written theories on this diet, but honestly I’m not interested in that. For me, this is about omitting certain foods altogether as a way of regaining my self control and willpower. Also, i really need to ditch the sugar addiction I’ve been wallowing in.

Mandy and Ryan started yesterday, and Eli and I started today. So far so good! We had eggs with ham and shiitake mushrooms for breakfast, which I followed up with a spin class (because I’m still on vacation!). For lunch, I roasted brussel sprouts, butternut squash and chicken sausage and served it over kale.


I’m still scared to step on the scale. But as far as this blog goes, you can expect a daily update on the Whole30 for the month of January.

Well wishes to all of you as you embark on whatever resolutions and lifestyle changes you’ve deemed best for yourselves!



8 thoughts on “New year, new diet

  1. Im so frickin excited for you. The Whole30 and Crossfit together will def get you off that hump your stuck on (both physically and mentally!). Doing it with friends will be a breeze! See you at spin class one day SOOOOOOOOOOOON.

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