Weigh-in (Friday)

I forgot to pack my scale so weigh-in was delayed until my return. And I must have done something right over the past two weeks — even with a couple special indulgences in Bend — because I was down a pound from last weigh-in! All that time away from my own kitchen and routine had me pretty nervous for today’s results.

Did I mention how beautiful Bend was? I’m talking 70+ degrees and sunny every afternoon. Let’s just say conditions like that make it difficult to work. And it was even harder to force myself into a 4pm cycle class, but here I sat in a windowless room in the Bend Athletic Club on Wednesday:


I used the exercise to buy myself a few more calories for these local treats:

OMGOSH! THE OCEAN ROLL FROM SPARROW BAKERY IS POSSIBLY THE BEST THING I’VE EVER EATEN. Seriously, people. Flaky bun with crispy sugar center, seasoned with crushed cardamom. It may not look extraordinary, but this treat is famous among Bend folk (a line out the bakery door, for real). Let’s just say it’s a very, VERY good thing you can’t find these in Portland.


And here is my tried and true Bend favorite: Jackson’s Corner’s Fall Salad (can you believe that’s a half order!?) with 1/2 Bacon/Lettuce/Beet sandwich on Sparrow Bakery’s Miche bread. Best when eaten on a picnic table in the sun.


Happy Friday, y’all!


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