satisfied soul

I shook that nasty cold last week just in time to enjoy some really wonderful life happenings. And fortunately I was healthy enough to get back into the gym for Spin class on Saturday and Sunday, which was loooong overdue (and reaaaally painful).

Ok, Friday first. Eli surprised me with tickets to the Bodyvox Body Opera Files, an exhilarating combo of live big band covers of Tom Waits, Elvis Costello and Sister Rosetta Tharpe tunes paired with experimental/contemporary dance in a really rad warehouse space in Northwest Portland. I LOVE SONG AND DANCE!! And if you do too, you should really buy tickets. And take me with you because I’d love to see it again.


And then much of Saturday and Sunday were dedicated to prepping for Dinner Club which I hosted on Sunday night. (Thank you a million times to Eli for assisting me in all shopping, decorating and cooking operations). I chose the Day of the Dead theme because it’s one of my favorite aesthetics, and I’d been wanting an excuse to try my hand at mole sauce.


In addition to the mole (find the delicious, surprisingly user-friendly recipe here), other Clubbers brought guacamole, confetti salsa, taquitos, polenta, rice, plantains, Tres Leches cake and spiced sangria. (Yes, I’ve been strictly counting calories since then.)


And then… there was last night… one of my favorite experiences in recent memory. Long story short:

I had presentations with a familiar teacher in the middle of nowhere Washington, and she invited me to her family ranch to take a walk and meet her animals after work. During my visit to her beautiful home, her husband came home with a fresh salmon he caught 30 minutes prior, and they invited me to stay for dinner. (Fresh grilled salmon?! YES!!!) While he cooked for us, we listened to music and carved pumpkins and drank wine while we questioned why it’s taken this many years to become real friends. Say hi to Mo!




And now I’m in Bend, currently sitting in my hotel room with enough time to document all of this. Before I checked in I climbed up Pilot Butte to see the sunset. While I sat sweaty at the top, listening to the new Dr. Dog album, I couldn’t help but smile at how blessed and grateful I am to have so much beauty to see and beautiful people know.


Here’s my favorite tree up there… I love its personality.



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