Weigh-in Wednesday

Grrrrrr. Boo. Wah wah wah! 

Really thought I was going to lose at least two this week; I mean, the scale was looking so promising yesterday!

Only down one though. 


4 thoughts on “Weigh-in Wednesday

  1. I agree with Auntie! Just remember how healthy you feel… it’s really the thing that matters most!! YOU ARE IN CONTROL!!

  2. No grrrrr-ing! No boo-ing! No wah-ing! You’re doing awesome and your body will let go of those pounds as it’s ready. Although,I appreciated te dramatic opener to your post which implied a gain and not a LOSS! You rock! Xoxo

  3. The Kelly that I know would be thrilled to have lost 5 lbs in the past month! What a feat! Can you imagine doing that every month? Way to go!

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