twelve hour vacation

Did you know I’m kind of obsessed with the Puget Sound? Ocean, islands, mountains, cities and farmland all nestled perfectly together in the corner of our country – I can’t get enough and am always sad to leave. So our one day, lightening fast trip to Seattle on Saturday just left me wanting more. To make the most of our trip, we dashed around to some of my favorite tourist traps.

First stop: Downtown waterfront for a ride on the Great Wheel and trip to Pikes Place Market:




From there we hit the Fremont neighborhood and Gas Works Park:



View from Queen Anne:


On a day predicted to have gale warnings and sideways rain, Mother Nature outsmarted everyone with 70 degree sunny times. Be still my heart. I love you, Seattle.

Back in Portland, however, the rain fell and we ventured into it on Sunday for a sopping wet, cold hike that found us fording creeks and scrambling over log jams in the Oneonta Gorge. Totally worth it though for the mindblowing magic of this place:


We got back from the Gorge just in time for the Bears game(!!), and even though every part of me wanted to slam a bunch of pizza, we took the healthy road and made fish. (Fish and football? Weird combo.) We paired the fresh cod with an arugula salad and blood orange sauce, courtesy of Pikes Market:


I ate the salad well before I remembered to photograph it. Oops!


2 thoughts on “twelve hour vacation

  1. amazing pictures! what a cute couple – smiling at the camera!!! You have a really good life… appreciating every minute of it makes it even more special!!

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