gaining momentum

That three pound weight-loss worked magic on my motivation. I’ve been tracking my food intake like a crazy person and fitting in exercise even when it’s the last (and I mean THE LAST) thing I feel like doing. At the end of each day though, I’m basking in the glory of professional productivity and healthy stamina and decision making.

Yesterday during my lunch break, I walked a mile and a half out on back on the serene Banks-Vernonia Trail, which sits at the foothills of the Coast Range. Look what I found for dessert!



And here’s the lovely little scene from my lunch date today with my Best Gym Friend Stacey.


Isn’t it the sweetest?

Now I’m off to my second Zumba class this week! It’s quite possibly the silliest way to sweat, and I absolutely love it. Y’all should have seen us accidentally chicken dancing at Wednesday night’s class. I laughed so hard I almost peed.

Happy Friday, friends! xoxo


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