Dog Mountain

Oh boy, oh boy. Dog Mountain really was much, much harder than everyone told me it would be (thanks, guys!). With an elevation climb of 2500 feet in less than 3.5 miles, I think it’s safe to say this is the most challenging physical feat I’ve ever accomplished. Mother Nature both punished us (freezing wind) and dazzled us (acres and acres of wildflowers) today as we reached the summit, which happened to be completely socked in by a soggy rain cloud. At least we had super stacked homemade chicken salad sandwiches to devour. And honestly, I”m not sure which was harder, going up or down. Both left me all sorts of wiggly jiggly. In this picture I can no longer feel my fingers…


And on our way down, I proclaimed to my fellow hikers that “I’m totally going to eat my face off at Dinner Club tonight!” And the irony of this declaration was that DC ended up being super healthy this evening, with most dishes (including mine) fit for an issue of Cooking Light. Where’s the cheese when you can actually afford to eat it?!



I made a green apple/fennel slaw. And Lindsay, per usual, made a pie.


Such a delicious evening.

And to recap on last week’s Weigh-in, I lost those pesky three pounds I’d gained the week before!


4 thoughts on “Dog Mountain

  1. Kelly! That hike is serious business, well done! I recall Jamie and I cursing a lot the whole way down. What do you do for your ankle on monster hikes?

    • Definitely feeling it today! I don’t need to do much for the ankle; it’s been pretty strong lately, rebounding quickly from aggressive activity. Enjoying it while I got it! Eli got me some trekking poles, which definitely helped Dog Mt. They really help me with stability and balance, while also taking some weight off my feet.

      I think we’re going to do Saddle Mt next!

      • Yeah Eli! Just going to suggest the same thing, glad you’re rockin the poles. And don’t let those youngsters give you crap about em! It’s all about your own perspective on hikes, but I don’t recall Saddle being as bad as Dog. Love me some Saddle Mt. Great to hear the ankle is strong!

      • I didn’t even realize youngsters gave people crap about poles… Now that you mention it, it definitely seemed like an old lady tren. What I new scene I’m sneaking into!

        And maybe I’ll actually be strong enough to hike with YOU this summer! Hurry back!

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