Weigh-in Wednesday on Thursday

I wasn’t super excited yesterday to post that I’d gone up a pound. But not facing the music doesn’t do my figure any favors, so here it is. I gained a pound. Wah wah wah. Perhaps it was all that Bodypumping making mucho muscles? Or maybe (most likely) it was the wine I drank three (four?) days in a row…. Regardless, I’ve been living well and feeling strong while maintaining a respectable amount of composure in the food department. And speaking of food, it’s been pretty great lately. Both the eating out and eating in have been colorful and flavorful and relatively healthy.

Bacon-Lettuce-Beet from Sweedeedee:


Eli-made Mushroom bulgur burgers:


Get the delicious recipe, stat! My main squeeze has been testing out vegetarian concoctions lately, much to my adoration. We don’t need bacon on EVERYTHING, do we?

And have I mentioned how beautiful it’s been here lately? Cheers to finding the loveliness wherever you are!




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