Weigh-in Wednesday

Down two more!

That’s about 14 total since Jaime and I started the 30 Day Challenge back in mid-February. And although I’ve reintroduced wine back into the mix, I’m still avoiding unnecessary sugars. Fewer mood swings, better digestion, better sleep, fewer cravings, more energy… Yeah, I think I need to keep this up. I’m even trying to avoid highly sugary fruits and pointless carbs. (By the way, Kroger Brand has a great 90 calorie sandwich thin… Perfect for veggie burgers!)

So this brings me to my current crisis: What’s a girl to do about Easter candy?!

I think Chocolate Covered Katie’s Copycat Reeses Peanut Butter Cups will do the trick. Zero grams! My Mama flies in tonight, and she’s the perfect person to help with these.

Easy dinner-for-one last night:

Roasted asparagus with farm fresh egg over easy

Roasted asparagus with farm fresh egg over easy

While flipping through phones pics this morning, I found this from last week.

Smith Rock. Misery Trail.

Smith Rock. Misery Trail. Can’t wait to do it again.


5 thoughts on “Weigh-in Wednesday

  1. I ate too much Easter candy and barfed last night. I will be enjoying a No Sugar April! P.S., sending your Way To Go! package out this week! I guess it’ll be an early bday present too- Yeah, Birthday Month!!!

    • I did pretty good on limiting my sugar intake during the Easter festivities. But Eli’s mom made San Diego lemon treats that were hard to pass up. I did manage to avoid all candy, minus a few malt balls and jelly beans, though.

      Good luck to us this month! (Although I may have to dig into some birthday cake…. let’s be serous.)

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