an ice cream miracle

When Breezy and T came to visit last month I finally caved and indulged in Salt and Straw, a local ice cream joint serving off-beat and decadent scoops like blue cheese and pear or ALMOND BRITTLE WITH SALTED GANACHE. As one would assume, this isn’t Portland’s most figure-friendly eatery.

S & S has no place in my current 30 Day Challenge. What’s an ice cream loving girl to do? Is there even a low cal/low sugar option for an addict like myself? Yes, yes there is. Coconut can be seen slipping into the mainstream diet these days, including the frozen dessert aisle. Hallelujah!


The chocolate and vanilla varieties are only 100 calories per serving. And as Stacey (my genius best gym friend who tipped me off to this magic treat) says, the worst thing you’ll do is eat the entire pint at 400 calories. And it really is as delicious as they say.


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