85th Annual Academy Awards

Well folks, another one of Steph’s Oscar parties is in the books. I still can’t believe how over the top she goes – the movie-themed swag bags, mix CD, menu, Oscar-shaped cookies and chocolates, and even a printed picture book of the year’s most handsome leading men – it’s just the best ever.

And my 30 Day Challenge left enough wiggle room to enjoy most of the menu. No boozey cocktails, french wine or mango pie for me this year. But Philly Cheesesteak pizza? Yes, please! Or hushpuppies? YAY! And this year I also contributed with homemade pita bread to pair with the super healthy Tabbouleh salad. I followed Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for these.


Well done Kent and Steph on this outrageously planned spread:

Amour: Vegetable Crudites
Argo: Canadian bacon wrapped dates and “O Canada” cocktail
Beasts of the Southern Wild: Hushpuppies with pepper jelly, shrimp/cocktail sauce and “Hurricane” cocktail
Django Unchained: “Polynesian Pearl Diver” cocktail
Les Miserables: Fromage Fort with baguette and French red wine
Life of Pi: Mango Pie
Lincoln: “Marry Toddy” cocktail
Silver Linings Playbook: Crabby Snacks and Homemades (cheesesteak pizzas)
Zero Dark Thirty: Tabbouleh, hummus, pita and Oakshire’s “0 Dark Thirty” ale

Back to calorie counting today, obviously. 🙂


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