Day Two

So far, so good! I’ve informed all the major players of the Challenge (roomates, besties, boyf, beautiful blog readers)… And now all support systems are in place. Eli even suggested a digestion walk after dinner; it felt so good to groove outside after hanging in the gym all evening. (Thanks Nicole for joining me at Bodypump!)

Cheers to a great day of living in control!

Ok… now I just have to walk by the kitchen without opening the fridge or pantry. Deep breaths………….. Off to bed. G’night.


One thought on “Day Two

  1. ONE DAY AT A TIME:) I – too – had a good “day one”!! Passed up donuts and dessert!! I know after 3-4 days of this – the hunger for sweets will subside!! ALSO – we walked the mall – increasing it by an extra lap!! Thanks for the motivation!!

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