Dear blog and blog readers,

Sorry I’ve been neglecting you. There is an unfortunate and direct correlation between the attention I pay to this blog and the number I see on the scale. As one goes down, the other most certainly goes up. Guess it’s time to quit slacking and restart this fading engine of mine.

So here I am. Checking in tonight to confess that I just went to my first Bodypump class of 2013… and now the odds of moving comfortably tomorrow are quite slim. I’m expecting even worse aches for Thursday. Oooofta. And in a major effort to curb my appetite, I managed to stay under calories both yesterday AND today. Who am I?! And can I possibly keep this momentum going?? I sure hope so. Not sure what I would do without the website — it is my savior when it comes to tracking and journaling my intake and output. If you join, we can follow each other! Keri and I have been doing it together occasionally, which is fun and a nice way to stay connected and motivated.

Overall though, I’m so grateful to feel so healthy these days as many of those I encounter (both at home and work) are sickly sad folks right now. **Obviously knocking on wood for that.**

What else is happening this week? Here’s a link to the Valentines cake I’m whipping up for my Valentine. Let’s hope he doesn’t offer me any. And as much as I’d love a giant box of chocolate covered heart shaped salted caramels, I’m also banking on the fact that he knows better than to torture me with such sugary indulgence.

But seriously, does it really get any better than this? Oh my, isn’t it just the happiest little love note you’ve ever seen?  🙂



7 thoughts on “Dear blog and blog readers,

  1. I remember when I did myfitnessnpal and it drove me crazy trying to input all the ingredients of my homemade concoctions. How do you manage that? Or just estimate with what is already in the database?

  2. Well, I don’t do a very good job journaling on the weekends when I’m making more tedious/complicated dishes and/or eating out. I mean, come on, it’s the weekend!

    But I try to do it a few days a week to keep me honest. And I try to eat things as simple and calorically straight-forward as possible. Lean/green meals are pretty easy to count.

  3. Kel! I swear we are always on the same cycle of control and lack there of….. I got back to 193… living here in MKE….. not healthy lifestyle friendly….I was bust in ass for a while but then started drinking n eating like an addict again. I’ve been living paleo/primal and feel in great. Keeping booze (really its my wine that kills me) out of the picture.. anyways I’m 184.5 today after a month at 185.5 and eating n drinking without hesitation. What’s your myfitpl Emil?? Ill add u! Xoxo

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