lentil sausage kale crockpot stew

I have to admit, this dish isn’t too easy on the eyes. Red lentils just dissolve into the stew and leave it a creamy consistency (no cream, cheese or other dairy required!), but unless you add a ton of greenery, it’s a rather dull color.

Fortunately this recipe ends up with crazy amounts of flavor and requires almost no thought.

Into the crockpot on high for four hours:

1.5 C red lentils
3-5 uncooked chicken/pork Italian sausages uncased and cut into bit size pieces
1 small to medium chopped yellow onion
2 chopped carrots
1 chopped parsnip
5 C chicken broth
dried parsley
black pepper

I threw in a handful of kale about ten minutes before serving; next time I’ll add much more. This recipe will feed a very hungry party of four with lunch leftovers for two or three.


today’s lunch break at sara’s

And finally, Chrisanthi recently said something in Spin class that is still sitting me: “Your health is a gift, it’s not a chore.”

A nice reminder to embrace the effort to feel healthy.


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