January Dinner Club: French

Our Dinner Clubbers converged on the Kenton neighborhood on Sunday for our monthly meeting of food and drink. And January’s theme was a favorite of mine – French food! I just love combing through Julia Child cookbooks while sipping a juicy glass of Cotes du Rhone wine.

Even though Eli isn’t invited to this ladies-only tradition, he was a great support in helping me plan and practice my Quiche Lorraine (perfect recipe from the Joy of Cooking). He even found the perfect ceramic quiche pan at Goodwill – LOVE IT!

I went a bit off course when I added bacon fat instead of lard to the crust, and I also added veggies to the solo bacon it calls for. No cheese in a traditional Lorraine, a good thing, since it calls for one point five cups of heavy cream. Not for the dieting type!


quite pleased with the results

Hostess Megan made Coq a Vin (chicken in red wine sauce), Karen made Duchess potatoes, Kelda made Julia’s fresh peas, Kellie provided the cheese and fruit board and Lindsay made a mastered apple custard tart.

coq a vin


Eli loved the leftovers while I focused on a light Monday, staying at my daily 1200 calorie limit. Feeling mentally strong this morning!


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