I think I’ve finally mastered Mandy’s pizza dough recipe… last night I made my best version yet! It sat out all day, making it super easy to roll out.

Lucky Eli gets the leftovers delivered to work for lunch today. 🙂 I packaged all the extras up immediately, as to not tempt me before bed. It worked!

Bacon, brussel sprout, mushroom and onion with goat cheese!


Pre-WiscoVaca workout schedule that I can not waver on (haven’t seen the gym in three days… oy!):

Today: Spin
Tomorrow: Bodypump
Thursday: Spin
Friday: Spin
Saturday: Bodypump

Who’s coming with me!?

OMGosh! It’s snowing here, AT MY HOUSE, right now!!!


3 thoughts on “Pizza!

  1. That’s a pretty hefty workout schedule, Kel! I haven’t worked out in 3 months (or maybe 5?). Maybe you can motivate me. Should I bring my 30 Day Shred to Wisco?

    • A flexible work schedule combined with not having kids means I have no excuse to not workout. 🙂

      Yeah, let’s do some Shreddin’ … I think we have some weights at the house.

      AND…ADORABLE PICTURE OF YOUR KIDS!! Thanks for adding to the growing collection of adorable faces on the mantle. I finally picked up Gus’ Welcome-to-the-World gift, and can’t wait to deliver it personally. See you next week, Jaime! XO

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