a pastry chef, i am not.

Eli gets lemons from his Granny’s tree.

I juice them, zest them, freeze everything to preserve for future use.

Two weeks later I set out for this lemon jelly candy recipe.

Oops! Added pectin instead of gelatin, resulting in two wonderful cups of lemon jelly!

Eli: Try adding gelatin to the jelly, maybe that will work.


Two nights later (tonight), I turn weird gelatin/jelly mixture into what I hope will be gooy (yet firm and hearty) oatsy breakfasty bars. Click here for Brown Butter Bar recipe.

In conjunction with this little repurposing mess, I decide to also make biscotti.

No white sugar, gotta find a brown sugar recipe.

Cool! Here’s Martha’s version that I can add my pistachios and cranberries to!

Why is this dough so dry? Maybe I should add another egg? Ok!

Bad idea.

Dough doesn’t cook through during round one, so it’s uneven and wet and crumbly in all the wrong ways.

Recipe yields 40 cookies, mine will be lucky to see eighteen.

Shoot, I’m too busy blogging! Are they burning?!

Grr, not burned, but still not cooked evenly.

Will anyone eat these? And more importantly, how many calories have I consumed during quality control?

Major gratitude to all you busy baker bees out there; this gig ain’t easy!


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